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In Tribute to Richard Guadagno
38 years old.   Residence: of Eureka, Calif.
Passenger of Flight 193

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I never had the pleasure of meeting this man, but, because of the job I had on 9/11/01 his name was one of many I has to see and deal with. For what ever reason, his name became the one I remember. For the past 11 years on this terrible anniversary I wake up ever morning and end the day with a prayer for him. That he is at peace. Safe. I hope somehow that he knows that he is remembered and will be until I can no longer say my prayers.

*** Posted by Erin on 2012-09-12 ***

I came across this gentlemans biography as we discovered a distant relative may also have been on one of the flights. After reading Richards lifestyle before this happened it made me feel really sad then angry that such a caring beautiful man could have his life snatched away like this by unevolved people and what huge gap we have to overcome before the world is put to rights. Im from the UK and these horrors were felt as keenly here as they were by the good people of America. Richard must be in a beautiful paradise right now watching over his loved ones and building his beautiful sanctuary in heaven I feel sure of that. May the world become a peaceful and beautiful place in the name of Richard AMEN.

*** Posted by Sabina Heywood on 2011-11-10 ***

Happy Birthday Richard!

*** Posted by Joan Burkholtz on 2011-09-26 ***

although it is sad and unbearable to lose someone so amazing and loved, we must remember that we will all meet again one day. The life we live now is just a transition to our ultimate destination of being together with our loved ones forever.

*** Posted by Gina on 2011-09-10 ***

Richard, we never forget you or your ultimate sacrifice for our Country. Richard was a friend a co-worker, a fellow national wildlife refuge manager and wildlife law enforcement officer. I remember law enforcement training with Rich down in Arizona at our annual training sessions. One year I remember specifically was when Rich and I teamed up on a training scenerio. While we waited for our turn we planned our strategy to complete our mission and survive the scenerio. Each team coming back would be telling tales of how they had been "shot" or "killed" in the training. Rich and I determined we would survive. And we did survive that training scenerio. I have no doubt Richard was well involved in stopping the terrorists on Flight 93. I know that because of who he was and how he was trained. Thank you Richard.

*** Posted by Nanc;y Curry on 2011-09-10 ***

I did not know Richard personally. I do remember that he was my sister's classmate at Incarnation School. So I still say a prayer for Richard and his family every time that I drive by there, as I have done for the past nine plus years.

*** Posted by Carl M. Ippolito on 2011-01-30 ***

Quite accidentally I met Richard's parents shortly after the attack. In an effort to help in some small way to keep the memory of this New Jersey son alive, I read up on Richard and told his story (and the story of how I'd met his parents) to my young grandson, Taj.

Last summer my daughter, Taj, his little friend Corey, and I took a week-end trip to the NFL Hall of Fame. We planned a stop in Shanksville, so the children could pay their respects (I had been there once before some eight years ago) and reflect upon the heroes on the flight.

In the car I'd brought paper and markers, stickers and rub off letters. I wanted the boys to leave something at the makeshift memorial. The boys were ten years old, and I didn't want to FORCE them to finish the project, so I didn't repeat my request — I thought they either didn't do it or just threw something together to shut me up because the stickers were hardly touched, and the markers were mostly still in the box.

When we reached the memorial I looked at Taj suspiciously when I saw the note crumpled in his hand. He'd written it simply in Blue and Red marker on a sheet of white. It read:

"Dear Richard,

Thank you for saving many American lives. It could have been my mom or my family or my friend (on the ground had the plane hit any population). YOU are a GREAT AMERICAN. You will be remembered in my heart forever.

from: Taj
Thank U"

I cried. "You did good, Taj," I told him.

We made some good memories for him that day. Maybe he'll tell his son, and one more generation, in a very personal way, will keep the memory of Richard Guadagno alive and in reverence.

*** Posted by Nona on 2010-12-15 ***

I went on a motorcycle run shortly after the attack — we planned and were approved to go to the Statue of Liberty and pay our respects, but at the last minute the government decided "not just yet...." So instead, we drove to Washington's Crossings Park in NJ. As we jumped off the motorcycle, I pulled out a package of forty small flags that we'd intended to press into the ground on Liberty Island. An older couple walked up to the bike. I asked if they would like a flag. The gentleman said "thank-you," and his wife complimented us "young people" (I was 46) for our show of support. The gentleman suddenly had his eyes fill with tears, and he turned to his wife and used her name. "Tell them about our Richard," he said softly....

I was so surprised and truly moved to be in the presence of parents who'd had their most wonderful blessing torn from their lives that beautiful September day. Richard was one of the most unexpected heroes of 9-11, and he WILL NOT be forgotten.

*** Posted by Susan DeFrance on 2010-12-15 ***

I might be a distant relative of Richard's.... My name is Gary Guadagno, originally from Reading, PA. If anyone from Richard's family reads my post, please get in touch. I'm sorry it's taken me nine years to get in touch, but I just googled his name and Flight 93 for more info. I just wanted to say how proud I am of Richard and his heroic efforts, and I believe that we may be distant cousins.

*** Posted by Gary Guadagno on 2010-09-12 ***

I'm so proud to have the same family name. Somehow we have to be relatives, he in the USA, me and my family in Spain.
God bless all the victims and heroes of that tragedy that changed the face of the world.

Manuel Guadaņo - Madrid - Spain

*** Posted by Manuel Guadaņo on 2010-09-11 ***

I might be a distant relative of Richard's... my name is Gary Guadagno (gguad49620@aol.com), originally from Reading, PA. If anyone from Richard's family reads my post, please get in touch. I'm sorry it's taken me 9 years to get in touch, but I just googled his name and flight 93 for more info. I just wanted to say how proud I am of Richard and his heroic efforts, and believe we may be distant cousins.

*** Posted by Gary Guadagno on 2010-09-11 ***


I just saw a documentary today which talked about how great a person you were and had been flying back home from Jersey after celebrating your nonna's 100th birthday. Very touching and emotional. RIP, paesano

*** Posted by Joseph on 2010-09-11 ***

The Conservation Officers of Pennsylvania will be holding a memorial service in honor of Richard and State Game Lands 93 Dedication of July 15, 2010 at 4:00pm.

*** Posted by Jack Lucas, Conservation Officers of Pennsylvania on 2010-06-22 ***

To this day, almost nine yeas later, this tragedy is still fresh in my mind. I have been drawn to Richard's story after watching the film, "United 93." I've just started using a computer, and I found this site. I wish to send all my love, thoughts, and prayers to his beautiful family. I have never met any of you, nor had I ever met Richard, but watching the special feature on the families touched me, especially your segment. God bless and keep you all, and I hope that the love of the world for Richard and for all of the victims of 9/11 will give you comfort! And thank you, Richard, for the heroism you showed that day, and for all of the lives you saved! We shall never forget our 9/11 heroes!

*** Posted by Tami C (Ohio) on 2010-05-04 ***

January 20, 2009: On this day of joy and pride for the United States of America, I am remembering the heroes who upheld and protected the Constitution of the United States of America by facing down the 9/11 terrorists and diverting the last airplane from its mission. I'm drawn to Richard Guadagno because I read that he was the manager of the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge. I hope someday to make a pilgrimage to the visitor's center that he had been creating at the time of his tragic death.

*** Posted by Alice Webber on 2009-01-20 ***

Today is Rich's birthday. We miss you still. A vista of the mountains or a beautiful sunset can never be appreciated without warm and loving thoughts of you and your wonderful, courageous, and strong spirit.

*** Posted by Art & Jo on 2008-09-26 ***


You lived so far away, and I never had a chance to see you. My son, Rocky, saw you the year before. He was your grandmom's nurse when he worked in the nursing home where she resided. Your act of courage will always be remembered.

*** Posted by Marie Guadagno on 2008-09-13 ***


I didn't know you personally, but I know your Aunt Marie. I know of the many wonderful things she told me about you, plus the things I've read. You were special. You were chosen by God to be on that flight. You made a difference because of the kind of person you were: loving, deep, reverent, strong, and brave. I stand in awe of you and what you did for our nation on that fateful day. And I can truthfully say that you and all the others on board Flight 93 will remain strong in my memory. Thank you for giving your utmost (your life), so that freedom could still ring.

*** Posted by Terri on 2008-09-12 ***

Even though I don't know you, you and your girlfriend and your dog Raven and your family are in my hearts and prayers. Thank you for the sacrifice that you and everyone else made on that flight. I will always remember and never forget!

*** Posted by Cheryl G. on 2008-09-09 ***

I recently saw the movie "Flight 93," and was astonished that there had been a Richard Guadagno on board. I am very proud of those that were on that flight. They are what the word "hero" is all about. God bless America!

*** Posted by alisa guadagno on 2008-09-08 ***

27 Total Comments

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