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In Tribute to Richard Rescorla
62 years old.   Residence: Morristown, N.J.
Died in World Trade Center

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I will make sure my little boy, Brandon, and my little girl, Annalise, (they're twins) read Rick's story when they are older. Sir! Thank you for everything you did that day and before!

*** Posted by D.J.Singh Kooner on 2009-09-19 ***

Yesterday was the eighth anniversary of 9/11. Although I looked forward to paying tribute to the anniversary, I avoided the main stream media coverage all day, as I believe their sensationalism tends more to serve their political agendas than commemorate the tragic event itself. Having said that, late in the evening, I began watching several, consecutive, 9/11-based documentaries on the History Channel, and had the great fortune to see one program based on Richard Rescorla. His selfless dedication to the safety of Morgan Stanley employees was heroic, and I think he was the Oskar Schindler of the World Trade Center that day eight years ago.

*** Posted by John C. Donahue, USAF (Retired) on 2009-09-12 ***

You were an amazing man... saving nearly 2700 lives that day... You are a hero in every sense of the word. Thank you for all that you did that day.

*** Posted by Kayla Richards on 2009-09-12 ***

No one could have known the exact day this would have happened, but you knew it was going to happen at some point. And your training may have saved lives. Your lack of self consideration and your consideration for your fellow man has inspired me. If the world were full of people like you, this would never have happened. You are a true hero. Rest in peace. x

*** Posted by Lewys Dibble on 2009-09-07 ***

I read his biography, "Heart of a Soldier," for school. Rick Rescorla truly is a hero. This world needs more people like him.

*** Posted by Harleen Kaur on 2008-12-30 ***

Loosing life is only a once-in-a-lifetime affair. But to plan and successfully save life is a many-times-over affair.

We should again attach our emotions to the thoughts of a man who is associated with security and concerned actually with the lives of the employees of his company. Finally he succeeded in saving as many as 3000 lives, though he lost his own in the effort to save other precious human lives.

I wish to find all security people in the world with similar thoughts and caliber, who can meticulously brainstorm and implement the essentials of evacuation plans and the plans of Sir Richard Rescorla. I call him "sir" from inner core of my small heart.


*** Posted by Ramakant Kaushik on 2008-10-15 ***

I am currently listening to The Diane Rehm Show on NPR. I had never heard of him. His preparation and leadership saved hundreds. He is and will always be an amazing man. I start every business meeting with a review of the fire exits and check the hotel exits when I travel. This dates back to when I worked at General Foods because they had lost staff in a Vegas hotel fire. I encourage everyone to do so.

*** Posted by alan rastellini on 2008-06-18 ***

I worked for Rick in the Security department. He hired me and during my job interview I knew we would work well together because of some shared experiences in Viet Nam. Briefly, he was the best boss I ever had. I missed him when I left the company, and I miss him still.

*** Posted by Jim Pappas on 2007-02-21 ***

Rick's story is one I've seen many times on the History Channel shows on 9/11, and I hope I could be even half the man that he was. He's a true American hero.

R.I.P. Richard Rescorla

*** Posted by David Manning on 2007-01-15 ***

Ive just read the book "Heart of a Soldier," and I don't think I'll ever be the same. Rick Rescorla is the type of man everyman should strive to be. God bless you, Rick.

*** Posted by Philip C Welch on 2006-12-17 ***

i want to visit ricks statue and iadrang to honor the man.

*** Posted by tom Daly on 2006-11-14 ***

Rick Rescorla was a very brave and selfless man. He took 'brave and selfless' to the highest level. He went into work in the tower the morning of September 11 knowing there might be a big attack under way. He went to take charge of security with the offices of Morgan Stanley in the south tower of the twin towers.

In 1993, he had been there when there was another attack. He was the last person out of the tower. He had stayed to make sure that everyone else was out. There is a photograph of him standing, slightly hunched over, covered from head to foot with black smoke.

On 9/11 he had been forewarned, as had many other people in the towers, that there was a really big attack likely to happen. He went into work knowing there was terrible danger. He had known danger before. I spoke with him on the telephone the morning of 9/11.

He asked, "What is the greatest religious teaching you know?"

I told him a Buddhist teaching, but he seemed unimpressed.

Then I said to him, "My grandfather said, the first commandment is 'Run and save yourself!' "

He said, "That's not my first commandment."

Then I asked, "Rescorla, Rescorla, did you get all those Morgan Stanley people out of the tower?"

He said, "Essentially, yes."

"Hey, you know what, in the year of Kahoutek's Comet, 1973, I knew someone who claimed to be clairvoyent. I guess I thought he was full of it, and maybe he was. But one of the things he said was, 'Did you see the tower? A plane will have hit the tower. You will have talked on the telephone with a man who has rescued many people out of the tower. The man is a hero.' So maybe you are a hero outside the ordinary bounds of space and time!"

Rescorla said, "That's it! What do you know about kairos?"

Rick Rescorla was an extraordinary person...one of the best.
A few days after 9/11, I asked about him, and was told he was missing assumed dead. How sad, still. But he was one of the best. (I wish he would have saved himself, though.)

- Margaret
The voice of the 9/11 warning, first broadcast on 9/10 for the purpose of warning people to stay clear of places that might get hit by that attack, broadcast with the go-ahead from the FBI.

*** Posted by Margaret on 2006-10-28 ***

I saw several shows on TV talking about Mr. Rick Rescorla and I have to say I think about him a lot and the great things he did on 911 and throughout his life, Mr. Rescorla was one of the most noble men. Although I did not have the pleasure to meet him, his memory will live on forever.

*** Posted by Edward J Ferro jr on 2006-09-21 ***

legend who will never die in spirit

*** Posted by chris clayton on 2006-09-20 ***

That is just SAD!

*** Posted by Polo Eteaki on 2006-09-11 ***

I have seen most of the history channel's stories on Rick. What I would like to say is, men like that are put on this earth for a reason. Rick's purpose was to save many lives in Vietman by his bravery and his contageous spirit. And to save 2700 lives in one day; well I don't believe many people can say that in the history of time. I think on that day Rick's spirit and values left his body and landed on all those who remained. All Americans can learn from Rick; I don't care if your liberal, conservative, Democrat or Republican. None of that mattered on 9/11/2001. What mattered is saving other peoples lives while risking your own. My Bible tells me "Greater love hath no than this, that he lay down his life for his friends" That's what Rick did that day and so many others as well. I just wish the unity, love, caring and hope could have continued in the way it did those first few months. I think America is starting to forget a little more day by day. It is in times like these sometimes we need a reminder. Thanks Rick for showering the LOVE on your fellow man. STEVE

*** Posted by Steve Snyder on 2006-08-18 ***

I had the privilege to watch a British Ch.4 documentary about Rick Rescorla last night (5th Sept 2005)  I was moved by the immense bravery & loyalty to his staff. Rick is a true noble hero.
Born here in Cornwall, England,  Rick adopted the U.S way of life, giving service in Vietnam. His fellow soldiers spoke of his leadership & loyalty to his colleagues.  He went back to save his fellows.  A brave man.
I wanted to say my peace for Rick. You did not die in vain. You saved all but 6 of the Morgan Stanley staff. You are in my memory as a Hero &  a standard to live by.  I hope that learning about you helps me on. 

Rick Rescorla.  Remember Him as A Noble Hero.

*** Posted by Drew * on 2005-09-06 ***

Rick is a true hero...  As security leader of Morgan-Stanley, he had a plan in place to evacuate all of the people in his charge.  I think the number was above 4000.  Morgan-Stanley, if I recall correctly, lost 6.  Two were employees that worked in the securities industry, and four were members of the security team.  Rick stayed with the team...

I met him in 1993, right after the initial bombing attack on the WTC.  I was on temporary duty in NYC, and worked on the 44th floor of WTC II.  (His plan got everyone out back then, also.  He got everyone evacuated and sang to them through a bullhorn to help provide a calming effect.)  As a recently retired soldier, I noted his professionalism.  I didn't know it then, and most don't know it today:  that he was a Congressional Medal of Honor winner, and that he was in the first major battle in Vietnam: A Shau Valley.  (For those of you that saw "We Were Soldiers Once", starring Mel Gibson, Rick was the young soldier that recovered the bugle at the end of the battle.  Rick donated that bugle to the Cavalry Association years later.)

I cry at the loss of men like Rick...  Though I have seen more that a few men of this caliber, they are still rare.  I feel honored to have spoken to the man.

*** Posted by Raven6, CPT, retired, 1/75th on 2004-09-02 ***

38 Total Comments

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