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In Tribute to Rodney Dickens
11 years old.   Residence: Washington, D.C.
Passenger of Flight 77

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68 Total Comments
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I am extremely touched by all of my family members who commented on this site. I want each of you to know that we love you. It's been a hard time for me and the kids. To know that we have so many people here and out there who really care touches my heart. I miss you so much! The other day I had a hat on my head (looking like a boy). I looked into the mirror, and all I saw was you. Yes, I have a tattoo of you on my arm, so I can see your face and carry you with me at all times. It will be eight years: I got it for your birthday, February 20, 2002. The artist (Saint) that did the tattoo did a wonderful job because it looks just like you. I have pictures of you everywhere in the house.

I was talking with Tyrah the other day, and we talked about how she thought that she was your sister for a long time and didn't understand why she didn't live with us. We talked about the pictures that I have of all of you. Lil Ty, he calls me a lot, and we talk about how all of you guys broke the bed wrestling in it and how I taught you guys how to cook. We laugh, and then I cry.

Know that your grandmother (Lois) and great grandmother (Viola) talk about you and miss you so much. They find comfort in knowing you are fine now that Pop is there with you. I know now that if you need to see a familiar face besides Mr. D that you have Pop, and he will take care of you. I text with Tre all the time about some of everything, but mainly you.

I look back at the bond that I have with your cousins I know that I have more than five children. Juan is quiet. I think he is scared to talk about you. You guys were so close. You two were like brothers, and I'm scared for him, with him bottling up his feelings. But my little nephew who is named for you is the complete opposite of you, behavior-wise, but his intellect reminds me of you.

I am extremely thankful that I can relive memories with Chanique, Tre, Ty, Juan, Tyrah, your grandmother, great grandmother, Aunt Elma, Mira, your two sisters, and your two brothers. I have conversations with other family and friends about you, but not like with the people I named above.

Mira reminded me about when you were a baby, she and Aunt Elma overfed you, and you threw up on Elma's white comforter. Your grandma Lois talks about it a lot, but we laugh about how you were hooked on your pacifier (Nuk). We called it Nukie. You used to cry for that thing some kind of bad. I remember when she tried to take it (Nukie) from you, and you cried so much she begged the guy at the store to let her in (after closing time) to buy another because she couldn't take it any longer.

I am blessed to have so many memories of you and people to share them with. God has touched and changed me in so many ways. I am truly blessed! Forgiveness lies within, but I have yet to get there, but I am working on it. With God's help and guidance I will get there.

Thank you, KiKi (your dad's cousin), for keeping my son in heart and his memory alive. Thank you, Maurice (my cousin), for keeping Rodney in your heart and prayers (even though we don't talk as much as we should). LaKesha (my friend), thanks for remembering my family and keeping us in your heart and prayers. Thank you, to all of my newfound family and friends who keep Rodney in their hearts and prayers.

We love and miss you, Rodney!

*** Posted by LaShawn (Mommy) on 2009-10-01 ***

Although we never met, you have touched my heart in ways that I never imagined. Rodney, you are loved by many, and I will always remember your sweet face. Always.

*** Posted by Allison on 2009-09-11 ***


May God hold your family in His hands every day. Your face is so innocent and kind, too good for this world. You were very fortunate to have a mother who loved you so much, and she is inspiring in her bravery and faith. God bless you.

*** Posted by Rebecca Hill on 2009-09-11 ***

Rodney, my thoughts are with you and your mommy Shawn on this day. I don't see your mom like I use to but when I do see her I always think of you. She carries you in her heart and a tattoo of you on her arm.

May you rest in peace and continue to look down on your mommy, brothers and sisters.

*** Posted by LaKesha Hendrick (Hines) on 2009-09-11 ***

I am so sorry that this happened to you. My heart goes out to your family. May God be with you.

*** Posted by Dawn on 2009-09-11 ***

I can't believe it's been eight years. You, your friends, and your teachers stay in my memory because I am a teacher—I still remember that day, and how, as we learned the names and the faces of those who died, you and your fellow students who died that day could have been my own—and I pray even now that you didn't suffer and that God welcomed you all so quickly you didn't have time to worry. May God bless your families.

*** Posted by Cynthia on 2009-09-10 ***

Wow, it is amazing how time flies! But Rodney, even though I didn't see you as much as I would have wanted to, your memory still is alive and well! I was talking to your grandmother and my aunt (Joan Cooper) just a couple of weeks ago, and we were talking about our loved ones who have gone on to be with GOD! She was just beaming with love!  I know life does not always go according to plans: Your mommy sized it up greatly when she said, "GOD is the greatest planner! HE knows when we don't!" Say "hi" to your Uncle Nat and Aunt Joyce (my mommy and daddy) for me, because I know you all are having a great time! "THERE IS NOTHING GREATER THAN LOVE ON THIS EARTH, AND THE LOVE OF A CHILD BRINGS LOVE FULL CIRCLE."

Cousin KIKI

*** Posted by KIKI on 2009-08-10 ***

This your cuzo again. I miss you a lot, Rodney. I just saw your mother, Sanai, Anthoni, and Dalontai for the 4th of July. I love seeing your mom. It's like she's like a mom to me, and she treats me like her own. Sanai was smiling when she first saw me, and when I see her, it's like I see you on last day that I saw you. Your mom has grown, and I want to let you know that. I'm texting her right now. lol But, yeah, I really do miss you. And the girl at my school, every time I see her I think of her, too, 'cause I read a little card that she wrote from the bottom of her heart at your funeral. Every year I wear a T-shirt to school, and my friends tell me, "That is not your cousin! That is you!" So I have to break it down to them how it really is you. I miss you. R.I.P.


*** Posted by Tre on 2009-07-06 ***

Cuzin I Miss u So Much...I Always Think About U An The times we shared together. We didnt get along sometimes cuz you always beat me up but at the end of they day we are always cousins..lol..Shawn misses you alot an so does the rest of the family..see U soon..I LOVE U COUSIN RODNEY

*** Posted by Chanique on 2009-06-05 ***

I, along with your sister and brothers, miss you everyday. My heart aches all day because you left. It's hard for me to write this, but I need to express how much I love and miss you. My heart is forever broken because you are gone. I love you so much. You are a very important part of my life, and to close my eyes and see your face, knowing that I will never see you grow into the man that you should be today, brings tears to my eyes and takes my breath away. I cry for you every day, missing you and wanting you here with me. I watched your siblings grow into the young men and women they are today, and I wonder about you. You are 19 years old. We missed out on so much, like proms and graduation. A lot of things that I saw in you I see in your brothers. Anthoni loves football, and Dalontai—he draws extremely well and loves mac and cheese (like their big brother). There are so many other things they do like you. Your brothers think they are so cool, and your sisters think God broke the mold. God my have opened up his arms for you that day, but he left a lot of you behind. Your sisters are so beautiful: they grew up to be two incredible women. Sanai will be graduating next week. I wish you were here (physically) to see her go to the prom and walk across that stage. Shacuon, she is doing hair like it is an art form. As a matter of fact, I let her cut my hair yesterday (yeah, it's a shocker). It is very short. When she finished, it looked like a dog was lying on the floor. My hair went from halfway down my back to an inch from my scalp. It started with a trim, but she needed to show them she can really cut hair and she did (and boy did she). It reminds me of when you, her, and Sanai were little, and you and she cut Sanai's hair and all of your clothes. That should have been a sign that she was going to like cutting things. We were laughing about it the other day. Now she cut mine short in the back like she did Sanai's hair in the front. It's just hair; it'll grow back. She had to cut somebody's hair for an interview. Well, you know I will do anything for my children. So now I have no hair, but she got the job. It brings joy to me to have the smallest things to remind me of you. I still play video games with your brothers, but it had taken several years for me to be able to play them without you. We have a rottweiler named after you (Rocky), as you know, and he is as spoiled as ever. I wrapped my whole life around you, your sisters, and your brothers because you were a gift from God. He touches everybody in a different way, but he touched me with five incredible children. So I am so blessed to have had the honor to have had such a beautiful blessing. I didn't know how I was going to make it and still don't understand how seven, almost eight, years have gone by. When I say it, it seems unreal, but that is how God planned it. I asked him how I am going to make it without you, and he showed me and is showing me every day. I asked him for strength, and he gave it to me. I didn't ask him to make it easy because nothing worth having ever is easy. I've watched so many of our family and friend's children grow up, and I think of you. I tried to plan for you guys, but I learned that there is no better planner than God—we can't out plan him. He plans when we're coming and when we are going. But I do thank him for allowing me the honor to have had the chance to have an angel like you in my life. Tell granddaddy I miss and love him; he joined you last year around this time. I look forward to seeing you both. Thank you for being our guardian angel and watching over us.

I miss you and will always love you,

*** Posted by LaShawn (Mommy) on 2009-06-04 ***

I luv ya and miss ya, man.

ur cuzzin maurice

*** Posted by maurice on 2009-05-28 ***

This is your cuzzo, Tre, from Rocky Mount, NC. I really miss you every day. I think about you and think and say to myself, "I wish Rodney could come back and see that we have a black president for first time and see how the family is going, so yeah, I miss you cuzzo.


*** Posted by Tre on 2008-11-10 ***


I will always miss you. I will always remember you and never forget you. Everyone in the family always says that me and you could go for twins--well, look alike and don't. So, yeah, I will always remember you. And the day of your funeral I read a letter from one of my classmates. It really made me cry how I had some friends to show me respect. R.I.P. I love you, cuzzo, 4 LIFE!

*** Posted by Tre on 2008-11-10 ***


I saw your picture in my morning paper, the only child on the page. I cut it out, and it is on my refrigerator door, along with my three grandchildren. Every night I kiss you "Goodnight, Rodney," along with them. I wasn't aware that other children were lost that same day. I shall search the Internet and try to find their pictures also. That way I can say "goodnight" to all of you. I am crying for you all as I write this. I cannot imagine what your parents went through. God bless all of you, and I hope one day to meet you all in the beautiful place you are in now.

Grandma King

*** Posted by Edna R. King on 2008-10-12 ***


When I look at this boy at school, I see and think of you because it is as though you're still with us and you never left. A good thing.

This boy is just like you all over! I've never had the joyous opportunity to meet you in person, but if I had, I know that I would have met a very bright and intelligent person who is so full of life and enjoying being a kid!

So to me, it is as though you are still around and with us because this boy looks like the spitting image of you! Same hair style, complexion and everything! And he's also very bright, smart, and intelligent just like you.

Yes, we never met, but now I know what it would have been like if I did, thanks to THIS boy! He makes me FEEL as though I've known you all your life.

I won't ever say good-bye to you, but I'll say thanks for me meeting and knowing someone who is just like you in every way. You will always have a special place in my heart for the things you've done and the joy you brought to everyone, myself included. Keep on smiling down on us, and thanks again for the things you've taught us all.

Peace, my brother.

*** Posted by Daquan13 on 2008-10-04 ***

Rodney Dickens


You were a very handsome, bright, gifted, and talented young man! You are truly missed by all, especially those whose lives you touched so deeply, and you will truly be missed for your aggressively great work at school.

In one of Boston's public schools where I tutor children your age and younger, there is a young boy there around your age, and he looks just like you! You must have had a great impression on others, enough that other kids look as though they could be your "twin brother"! Peace, my brother.


*** Posted by Daquan13 on 2008-10-03 ***

Rodney, I remember hearing about you a couple days after that terrible day. I have never forgotten you seven years later! I have a little boy who is 12 now. My heart will always go out to your mom and dad and family. God bless you, Rodney!

*** Posted by Kristi on 2008-09-15 ***

Miss u buddy. I know you're in a better place looking down on us, smiling because you're in God's presence.

*** Posted by Rashida on 2008-09-11 ***

Miss u buddy. I know you're in a better place looking down on us smiling because your in God's presence.

*** Posted by Rashida on 2008-09-11 ***

I have to say that in life I never knew Rodney, though when I first saw his photo that tragic day in 2001, my heart was enlarged with love for him. His face held so much joy in that one picture, that it astounded me with the instant affection and loss I felt with his death! So many have lost their lives due to the attack, but this one little boy has a firm place in my heart. That's the impact of that child's legacy on those of us left here to carry on our American freedoms and dreams. To live a life worthy of the sacrifice of one so small. He became a hero to me that day. I can't imagine his feelings in those last moments. I choose to believe that Rodney was wrapped in the arms of Jesus, that he felt His Peace and no terror. I pray for his family today and whenever his little face comes to my thoughts that God will bind up their broken hearts and rejoice to know that Rodney is safe now in the arms of the Lord. I will always carry little Rodney Dickens in my heart and try to live each day with the wonderful attitude he had. Dear Rodney:I didn't know you sweetie, but I'll meet you one day in Heaven. I know you will have a great big hug for your Aunt Mary that loves you! To Rodney's family: thank you for raising such an inspiring child. You see, the mark of a true hero is not only in the way they sparked inspiration during their lifetime. It is in the way their life song continues to sing loud and clear for future generations to hear and be touched.

*** Posted by Mary Hull on 2008-09-11 ***

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