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In Tribute to Ronald Gilligan
43 years old.   Residence: Norwalk, Conn.
Died in World Trade Center

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I knew Ron as a young man when I was a girlfriend to his brother, Colin, when we all lived in Liverpool.

Ronnie was such a lovely lad, kind, thoughtful and very much in love with Liz, his future wife.

I was at Ronnie and Liz's wedding in Kirkby. I remember being very moved on the day as they were so happy together.

I had heard that Ronnie and Liz had moved to America and I remember thinking 'I hope they do well over there'.

I was so upset to hear of Ronnie's death and the fact that Liz and their children had been left without him. I am thinking of you today Liz and your family.

God Bless.... Sharon Snape

*** Posted by Sharon Snape (nee Downes) on 2008-09-11 ***

I've just been on a leadership course in Wales (RYLA), and I met a girl there called Ainsley. I've always held 9/11 close to my heart, and I believe that I have found the memorial page for her dad. I didn't want to say anything to her because I didn't want to upset her. But I'm sure Ron was a great man, and I hope he's looking down on us all now from heaven.

I wish I could have met you, Ron, but I can assure you I will play my part in bringing justice to the people who did this to you, your family, to America, and to the world. God bless you and your family.

Ben Breeze

*** Posted by Ben Breeze on 2008-08-04 ***

Ron was the perfect uncle to me. When I was younger, he always sang to me, "know a man called Michael Finnigan." Love you, Ron, but don't worry. I'm still eating all the cakes from Sayers for you! Love you and miss you! Remember that big suitcase we got in America!

Till we meet again, love,
Your bestest niece, the baby (little Brenda xxxxx)

*** Posted by brenda portman on 2008-07-24 ***

Ronnie and I grew up within doors of each other. Ronnie also came from a large family, and his folks were quality people. He was a very good friend; in fact, he was the first friend I ever had. Ronnie was well-read and could comment on anything, be it science, news, or even politics. He was exceptionally intelligent and had a brilliant sense of humor. Ronnie and Liz got married in the St. Chad's church within weeks of Angela and myself getting married there. It is very sad that Ronnie is not with us in person, though his persona will always remain with those who knew him.

*** Posted by Alan Hesford on 2008-01-29 ***

I hope that Ronald is at a happier place and wants us to continue on.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-16 ***


I think of you often and wonder where you are and how you are doing ... especially this month of Sept.... I am wearing Ron's memory bracelet with fond thoughts of you and your family. Our love to all of you,

Kim, Morgan, and Ian Caldwell

*** Posted by Kim Caldwell on 2007-09-11 ***

Just a note to let you know that we still think of you often and that Ron will forever be remembered for the wonderful man he was. Tomorrow will be 6 years, but it still seems like yesterday. Norwalk will once again hold a memorial for Ron and the others from Norwalk who gave their lives unknowingly and tragically. A single rose will once again be placed on each chair reserved for each victim, and prayers will be offered. Isn't it ironic, Liz, that a single rose will commemorate Ron's life, just as he would bring you a rose for no reason other than he loved you. Our thoughts are with you, as always.

Joanne, Jess, C.J., Paul, and Kevin

*** Posted by Joanne Romano on 2007-09-10 ***

To Ashley, Ainsley, Derrin and Liz. I have known you all since this terrible tragedy occurred and love and care for you guys a lot. Although I never had the opportunity to meet Ron, I can tell he was not only dad or husband, but a very special and gifted man. From the talks we've had and words from friends of his, I wish that I could have known him. I hope in all of your futures that peace and happiness find you. Never let the anger and sorrow of the past cloud today or the days after. Ron I'm sure would always want the best as always for you. Don't let him down. Look forward and know that he loves you. All my love always, David.

*** Posted by David Glovna on 2007-08-18 ***

I would just like to say I am good mates with Dherran. I think that he and his family are extremely brave people, and to go through something as traumatic as this and live through takes unbelievable courage. They are all incredible people.

*** Posted by Matt Robinson on 2007-02-28 ***

We are friends of Ainsley and Dherran, they are both amazing people!

in memory of Ron Gilligan... U are so lucky to have children like ainz an desz..x..x 
there are so many nice things ppl have rote here!


*** Posted by [x]..Lauren,Emily,Becky,Georgina..[x] on 2006-12-16 ***

I have read all the wonderful things that everyone has posted about Ron, and I wish we could have met. In May of 2005 I was contacted by Ron's brother Les. I have done genealogy for 7 years and found out that Ron and I were 3rd cousins. Hopefully someday I will be able to meet his family and his brother Les.

*** Posted by Marge Lemanski on 2006-11-13 ***

Another year has passed and we are no closer to understanding why so many good people were taken from us on that day and why so many heartsick families were left behind. Once again this year, the city of Norwalk honored our fallen heroes--and that is what they are, heroes. They were heroes to their families and friends, and they will never be forgotten. And Liz, if you read this, I wanted you to know that a single rose was placed for Ron on his empty seat, and it was such a memory of the single rose Ron brought to you that day while the kids played ball. How appropriate was that? Please write when you can. jtromano1@yahoo.com

*** Posted by Joanne Romano on 2006-11-10 ***

I would just like to say that I am very sorry for the loss of Ronald Gilligan. I will always miss my best friends Ainsley and Dherran. I will always keep your dad in my heart. I hope that one day I shall cross paths with the Gilligan family again sometime in the future. I will always miss your father and you guys too.

*** Posted by Molly Jellinek, of Norwalk, CT on 2006-09-18 ***

I worked with Ron for many years at James River Corporation in Norwalk, CT. As I read his remembrances, they all make comment on one important thing... the most important in Ron's life, his wife Liz and his children. I have never before, or since met a person with such love in his heart, such sense, and such a great smile. I think of him often, and though I haven't seen them in years, I think of his family often. I have many memories (and thankfully some memorable pictures) and they always bring the biggest smile to my face. I wish and pray the best for Liz, Ashley, Ainsley, and Dherran. I can only imagine how much you miss him. Many people do, and anyone who knew him will never, ever forget him.

*** Posted by Pat Souers (McLean) on 2006-09-18 ***

we are good friends with your son dherran, the world lost a good person

*** Posted by greg and ryan brooks on 2006-09-13 ***

i love ya dad I miss ya lowdz an thanks to evryone who posted such nice things about my dad.

*** Posted by Dherran Gilligan on 2006-09-12 ***

I had the pleasure of knowing the family when I was coaching the youngest daughter Ainsley in softball.... Ron was one of the most dedicated dads there... he truly lived for his family.... was one of the nicest and most down to earth person I knew... Ron my friend.... you are sorely missed.... :*(

*** Posted by Mike Skinner on 2006-09-11 ***

I worked with Ron, or Ronnie as he was called then, back in the 70's. We worked at the offices of the Mersey Tunnels and used to travel home together on the bus. He was a lovely bloke and we shared a good few laughs together. If I remember rightly Liz also worked there. The world is a sadder place without Ronnie.

*** Posted by pauline on 2006-09-09 ***

Memories of Ron and his family(Liz, Ashley, Ainsley and Darren) will never fade from our minds.  We got to know them well and Ron was a special kind of man.  Family was the ultimate goal and he lived his life for them.  My thoughts are with them and all of Ron's family today and every day!  The world lost a special person on 9/11.

*** Posted by Joanne Romano *USA* Jess, CJ, Kevin and Paul on 2005-09-09 ***

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