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In Tribute to Sean Patrick Tallon
26 years old.   Residence: Yonkers, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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great friend growing up! riding bikes or a good game of american football at coyne park in yonkers! you had more guts than I will ever in my entire life,,thank you for your sacrfice

*** Posted by a friend on 2011-09-11 ***

I am sadened that we have never met and
That before I even get to celebrate finding Out your my 2nd cousin
I have to remember a brave spectacular man who,s actions will never be forgotten my cousin is a hero and The world is at ur mercy
And praying for you every day god bless you all

*** Posted by Mark white on 2011-09-11 ***

I never knew Sean Patrick Tallon, but he regularly attended the same church that I attend now: St. Barnabas Church in the Bronx. His burial site is just a few headstones down from that of my great-uncle. One morning while visiting my grandfather and great-uncle at the cemetery, I looked up a few headstones and saw American flags on a tombstone. It caught my attention, and I headed over. This is when I first "met" Sean. I remember crying because a brave man, a soldier, a son was gone because of the horrific events on 9-11-2001. Now every time I visit my family, I always take a few minutes to see Sean, say a prayer, and leave some flowers for him. God bless Sean's family, God bless the soldiers, and God bless the USA!

*** Posted by Krystal L-B on 2011-05-02 ***

I knew Sean quite well. I met him when he was about eight years old. He was a great guy. I feel fortunate to have known him so many years.

*** Posted by Kevin Hull on 2011-03-24 ***


I unfortunately did not personally know you. But having learned about you and your colleagues during a visit to your firehouse while on holiday to NYC and researched about your short life, I feel like I do now. You lived a life that many people aspire to live, and you showed a humble strength, courage, and love in your short life that most people cannot display in a long lifetime! You inspire me to live my life better, to achieve more, and to love more. Your courage lives on in your family, your mother, and your sister Rosaleen (whom I have watched fight so passionately to preserve your memory and who always speaks so proudly about you!). May your soul rest in eternal peace now that you have fulfilled the duty of a saint.... R.I.P., Sean, and God bless your family, friends, and loved ones.


*** Posted by Gary (from Ireland) on 2011-03-01 ***

Thy valour strengthens me. Hail, fallen hero.

*** Posted by Nick on 2011-02-05 ***

Hi. I am Christopher Tallon. I am a distant relation and did not know of you until your tragic loss. I am from County Kildare, Ireland. I wish to send my sincerest regards to your memory and my deepest sorrow for your tragic loss. R.I.P.

*** Posted by Christopher Tallon on 2010-11-15 ***

As we attend the memorial of so many lost to this tragedy. As we pray for those who perished and the families of those who perished, we remember and pray for Sean and his family. Showing my children the street named in honour and memory of this hero, we will never forget and never stop appreciating the ultimate sacrifice you made. RIP.

*** Posted by maryann kenehan on 2010-09-11 ***

Sean - We never met but I've thought about you a lot. Especially this time of every year. We served in the same Marine reserve unit 2/25. In our time overseas after the attacks, I wore the memorial shirt with your name on it that many of us took with over there, and often I wondered why you and not me? I worked in the World Trade Center and should have been in the buildings that morning. Please know you and your brothers are the true definition of heroes. Semper Fi

*** Posted by Matt on 2010-09-10 ***

I saw Sean's sister on CNN last night, and it was very emotionally moving. I hadn't really been moved by 9/11 until I saw Rosaleen talk personally about the loss of her brother on 9/11. I back her 100 percent, especially since she personally experienced a loss due to this tragedy. I couldn't imagine going through the loss of life of someone so close, and we must all be extremely sensitive toward her feelings and thoughts.

*** Posted by Chris L on 2010-09-09 ***

I really don't know what to say, I was just looking if there was anyone with my name and have to say I did not expect this. I know it's hard to lose someone but in the way Sean was taken, well we know was so wrong so my prayers are with you all, and that's on behalf of all the Irish Tallons.

*** Posted by Sean Brendan Tallon on 2010-09-04 ***

I was researching the name "Tallon" when I found information on Sean. What an incredible person! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and memories of Sean—I wish that I had known him. My thoughts and love go out to him and to his family. Again, thank you for sharing. It gives me hope to know of people like Sean, brave and kind.

*** Posted by Jennifer Clemmer on 2010-06-10 ***


I did not know you personally. But tomorrow I will be going to the funeral of Patrick Joyce, a classmate of ours from Fordham Prep (Class of '88). He, like you, made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. I will keep both your and Patrick's families in my prayers.

Andres de Lasa

*** Posted by Andres de Lasa on 2009-10-05 ***

Dear Sean, on that terrible day you, and your comrades, ran towards the danger, while most ran to safety. You are truly the epitome of courage. Semper Fi.

*** Posted by Former U.S. Marine, 2/25 WPNS on 2009-09-11 ***

I grew up here and knew Sean from playing football. After that day, the flood of names of the lost that hit Woodlawn was overwhelming. Yours was a shock. Your bravery in service to our nation and our city is not forgotten. Thank you for your service. May God bless you and keep your family at peace.

*** Posted by Woodlawn on 2009-09-08 ***


It's been nearly eight years since I was talking to you in Mountmellick when you were visiting Peggy's (my mother's) grave. I asked you to be my best man at my wedding, and you agreed. We were both over the moon with excitement. It was a great night. You were going back to New York a day or two later. Little did I or any one of my friends know that we would never see you again. Sean, you were like a brother to me. When I went to New York in 1992, you took time out to help me get a job and show me the sights of New York. I will always be grateful to you. Sometimes when I think of you, I can't help but cry. I wear your firehouse ladder 10 jumper with great pride and honor. I know you are in heaven with Paddy and Peggy and all the other firefighters who lost their lives on that terrible day. Keep praying for us, and keep us safe from harm. Forgive me for taking so long to write this to you.

Your cousin, John

*** Posted by john morris on 2009-08-14 ***

R.I.P., Sean. You were a good friend even though I didn't know you. You did a great thing serving my city, the FDNY, and trying to save the innocent lives that were lost.

*** Posted by KJ on 2009-07-27 ***

I didn't know Sean, but I'm here to remember him. I hear certain people through the media saying that they're appalled at young America for remembering all the contestants' names on American Idol but not remembering one single firefighter who gave their life on that horrible day, so we could live on without fear. I'm here to prove that some of us do care, and so is everyone else posting below me and above me. We are here to remember a great man. And I just want him to know I deeply appreciate his sacrifice for us. He was one of many brave Americans who died on that day. Every hero is remembered, and Sean Patrick Tallon will be remembered. God bless him.

*** Posted by Ryan on 2009-07-24 ***

Hey, Shawn,

I didn't know you, although you have the exact same name as my uncle Sean Patrick Tallon in Ireland, as that's were I'm from. I just wanna say that you're a brave dude, and I hope your resting in peace.

*** Posted by tasha tallon on 2009-07-22 ***

I was one of Sean's classmates at the Prep. We played on the football team together.

Sean, I think of you often and feel fortunate to have had you as a friend. R.I.P.

*** Posted by Jay Johnson on 2009-01-09 ***

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