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In Tribute to Sharon Cristina Millan Paz
31 years old.   Residence: New York, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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Sharon was the most giving person I've ever met in my life. She once borrowed a quarter from my mother and wanted to pay her back with a dollar. I was at her Memorial Service at Mt. Carmel Church in Astoria. The whole church was packed with people who knew her at different points in her life. I will never forget the look on her mother's face that day. She looked like she wanted to die. When I came across this website, it made me cry to read all the beautiful things people had to say about her. Everything said here is all 100% true. Sharon will always live on in our hearts. I will always miss her.

*** Posted by Lisa Kilfeather on 2010-02-09 ***

I knew SHARON from KLWH, the law firm we worked at. I loved SHARON sooo much! We had an instant connection. She always remembered my birthday, and I still have the gifts she gave me. She was always sooo thoughtful and loving. I remember when she became an aunt for the first time. She was so excited. I gave her a gift for her new, sweet nephew, and we both cried. She was so sincere and so loving. Whenever I smell or wear Pleasures or Cabotine fragrance, I can feel her presence. I am 64, and I am old enough to be her Mom. How BLESSED anyone would be to have had SHARON for a daughter. I used to say to her that I wished I had had more sons, so I could at least have had her for a daughter-in-law. The day 9/11 happened and the day I saw her name listed in the news as one of the victims, I could not stop crying. It was surreal.... I tried her phone, hoping to reach a family member, but it was disconnected. I sent my condolences thru the mail to her address, but it came back. I am more than pleased to be able to reaffirm the love I still have for my beautiful SHARON. Her smile, her laugh, her goodness, her hugs, her friendship will ALWAYS remain in my heart. I say a prayer for her every day, and I will miss her forever, until we meet again. Every 9/11 I watch the memorial on T.V. and listen for SHARONS name, so I can pay tribute to her memory. I can only hope and pray that GOD gives SHARON'S family and friends STRENGTH and COURAGE to cope with their tragic loss.... MAY GOD HOLD HER IN HIS LOVING ARMS ... AND MAY SHARON REST IN PEACE.... XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

*** Posted by helene hill on 2010-02-07 ***

Para mi Sharon,

Siempre seras esa brisa de alegria y amor que siempre trajo gozo y felicidad a todos. En especial para nosotros, su familia en Cali, donde esa hermosa nina llamada sharon paso vacaciones de verano y una que otra navidad lidiando con la mujer mas especial que hemos conocido abuelita Rebeca (Q.E.P.D.) (te acuerdas, Sharon!) ademas con tia Orfilia, tia Eloisa (Q.E.P.D.), tio Antonio, tio Jose Manuel, tio Heriberto, tio Flavio, y con los inumerables primos como los famosos Andres Antonio, Jaime (mi hermano), los mellizos (Fercho y Guillermo), Doris, Monica, Alvaro, Luis Alfonso, Carlos Enrique, Ricardo Augusto, Ana Maria y muchos mas que no nombro ahora ya que somos muchos. Que familia! Que me perdonen o como dirias tu Sharon "Bueno"! "Bueno"! Para mi es inmensamente triste saber que fuiste la primera de nosotros en partir a un mundo mejor sin embargo despues de haber visto la guerra en Colombia y en Iraq, se que algun dia nos encontraremos de nuevo para recordar esos momentos llenos de felicidad de nuestra infancia, juventud y adultez.

Adios, hermosa, con amor de

[Ed. - For my Sharon: You will always be that breeze of happiness and love that always brought joy and happiness to everyone, especially for us, your family in Cali, where this beautiful girl called Sharon spent summer vacations and a few Christmases pestering the most special woman we've ever known, Grandma Rebecca (may she rest in peace) (you remember, Sharon!) and also Aunt Orfilia, Aunt Eloisa (may she rest in peace), Uncle Antonio, Uncle Jose Manuel, Uncle Heriberto, Uncle Flavio, and innumerable cousins like the famous Andres Antonio, Jaime (my brother), the twins (Fercho and Guillermo), Doris, Monica, Alvaro, Luis Alfonso, Carlos Enrique, Ricardo Augusto, Ana Maria, and many more that I'm not mentioning because there are so many of us! What a family! May they forgive me, or as you would say, Sharon, "Okay, okay!" For me it has been immensely sad that you were the first one of us to depart for a better world. Notwithstanding, after having seen the wars in Colombia and Iraq, I know that some day we'll meet again to remember those happy moments of our childhood, youth, and adulthood.]

*** Posted by Cesar Augusto Millan on 2010-01-17 ***

Happy birthday, Sharon! I miss you so much!

*** Posted by Susie Rabines on 2009-12-22 ***

Happy birthday, Smoo. I wish I could trade places with you! I was devastated when I found out what had happened and spent three days at the trade centers trying to find anything and help with such a terrible disaster. Never once had I ever imagined that you of all people would be there in this mess. After the papers posted a picture of you, and it was confirmed by your sister-in-law, did I want to believe that our angel had been taken from us! From that moment on, I wished and prayed for us to trade places because I would trade places with you in a heartbeat and wouldn't even need to think about it! You definitely have a lot more to contribute to this world, more than I ever could! You were truly an angel and blessed all that were in your presence, so please keep smiling down upon us, as we all love you and miss you more than words can say! I am truly thankful to have been your friend and had the priviledge to know you as many others did! Thank you for being such an amazing person!


*** Posted by Joe Liptak on 2009-12-22 ***

Dear Sharon,

I just wish you were still here. You were such a good person. I hope your family makes it okay.

*** Posted by a friend on 2009-09-17 ***


I'm so glad that I had a chance to meet you and hang out with you before your passing. You were fun and full of life, and I could tell that you were a wonderful friend to those you were closest to and loved. My prayers are with you and your family, and I'm sure that you will never be forgotten.

*** Posted by Rob Miller on 2009-09-14 ***

I miss you so much..

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-12 ***

Sharon, you will always be greatly missed... I remember you as a little girl who grew into a beautiful woman right before my eyes... Beautiful on the outside and even more on the inside.... Your face could always light an entire room... It has been 8 yrs already and it feels like yesterday.... you will always be loved and greatly missed...

*** Posted by JP on 2009-09-11 ***

Sharon, amiga bella! you are remembered dearly, you are in my heart, you are in my dreams, you are in my prayers. You were an angel on earth and now you are an angel in heaven. Para mi eras una gran persona, siempre tan alegre, con una sonrisa que iluminabas a todos, nunca tuviste miedo de nada, al contrario vivias con tanto amor en ti amiga. Te bendigo en el nombre de Jesus y se que Dios te tiene en su Reino y ahora gozas de vida eterna. Tu estas presente y seguiras viva en todos nosotros. Te quiero y recuerdo muchisimo Sharon.

*** Posted by Sandra Zuluaga on 2009-09-11 ***

Sharon was the most beautiful, kindest, sweetest person I have ever met. Not a day goes by that I do not think about her. She is greatly missed.

*** Posted by Marianne Ritter on 2009-04-18 ***

Hi Sharon,

I just wanted to say that we really miss you. It's funny how time has gone by, but your memory is always with me. I will never forget all of our times, good times, together. I often speak to my wife and kids about you and tell them as much as I can about you. You were such a great influence on my life, and I wish you could still be here. I have some pics of me, you, and Uly that I keep and look at from time to time. I like reading the comments by all your friends here because it brings back memories and also reminds me of what a great person you are. Well, this is your 7th year in heaven, please continue to bless us all.... I love you and miss you always....

The Marrero family

*** Posted by albie on 2008-09-11 ***

Sharon was my best friend growing up in Astoria. I have such fun memories of her. I fell to my knees when I heard of her passing. So sad. Such a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. You are missed soooo very much every day. We love you....

*** Posted by M. Villa on 2007-09-11 ***

Dear Sharon,

I will never forget your beautiful spirit and how helpful and friendly you were to me at Harris Beach. I thought you worked so hard, and I told you we should take a break one evening and go to Windows of the World. You promised we would with a huge smile on your face.... That was Monday evening, Sept. 10. Words cannot express the sorrow in my heart when I asked about you in the days that followed. I did not know you very long, but I know you were a beautiful person inside and out, you were full of life, extremely classy, and simply special. You were the absolute model latina woman. Thank you, amiga, for the imprint you left in my heart and memory. I will never forget you. May God bless your soul.

In loving memory always,

*** Posted by J. on 2007-09-10 ***

Sharon no words can express how much you are missed. You're in my thoughts, in my dreams and in my prayers. I will never forget you!

Your friend, Ant

*** Posted by antonella villa on 2006-10-19 ***

It' been 5 years... and I have a knot in my throat thinking about you... We had some good laughs....Hugs and kisses..... We will laugh again... MUAH! xoxoxo

*** Posted by NV on 2006-09-12 ***

You are forever with me. I miss you and your contagious smile. We had good times living at 514 4th steet Union City, the best apartment building in Jersey! You were always dressed fabulous no matter what even when walking back and forth to catch the 125 bus on Kennedy Blvd into the city! I love you and I KNOW we will see each other again... til then

*** Posted by Kim Santiago on 2006-09-11 ***

May 31, 2002
To my Dear Friend Sharon, Flaca, I'm still shock that I lost u on Sept 11. I just can't believe it. I feel your presence all the time, everytime I wear my clothes that I lend you whenever you wanted to look pretty for Ulisys, you would go upstairs to my house and you would pick my pretty skirts and little tops that you loved. All that time we hung out in your apartment sharing about our love life and giving each other advices about our boyfriends, remember ? I have all of your memories everywhere with me. In my closet, my car whenever and the little things u gave me as I was helping you move when you were going to Florida. It's amazing when I said to you "Flaca that's a cute purse" that u had from Gucci in the living room. And u said, "u like it and said "ok gorda, here I give it as my present so u could always remember me" and u said "but I still want my perfume Romance, ok", while laughing. Flaca, I miss you sooo much. I dream about you,is like I still feel you here with me. Why you Flaca, why you? I had a dream with you that you were alive and I said to you "Flaca, u are alive! I hugged you and kissed you and kept saying you are here. And u replied to me in spanish, "pues claro nina como piensas que estoy muerta". I heard your voice in my mind so clear, I was so happy to see you in my dreams again but then I woke up and that's all it was a dream.

Flaca, I missed your memorial and I'm so sorry. If you only knew how much I wanted to be there. I would ask Danette everyday if she found out anything from your family, everyday I would call her and ask her "did you find out anything, and she kept saying no and no. I swear to my dear God and he knows how much I really wanted to be there, with your family and your presence. Flaca, yesterday 5/30/2002 which they did a memorial service, a lady came inside my job. She looked exactly like you, it was so weird and sad and nice in a way that I was looking at you again. She had your small eyes, your eyebrows, your nose except she was short, not tall and blonde hair. I kept looking at you but with blonde hair. After she left I had you in my mind and I was so sad, I started to tear and tear without being able to stop. I miss you flaquita, I miss you so much. I know that you are with the angels and u are in a good place but I'll always miss you. I want God to let me see you one day again. We became so close friends, we were there for each other at all times. It makes it so hard for me all the time because everything of me has a memory of you. I'll miss you always Flaca, I will always keep in my heart and my memories. Someday we'll see each other again and laugh together again. I love you! Tu amiga, Nicky!
  Niurka Figueredo (Union City, NJ )

*** Posted by Nicky Figueredo on 2006-09-11 ***

This fifth anniversary of that horrible day is marked with sadness and despair, so many images of death and destruction, so many broken hearts, so much loss, while each day takes us further away from those horrific moments on 9/11/01 it only takes one thought to open up the floodgate of memories. The beautiful people who were lost that day were just going about their daily lives, looking forward to finishing their days and reuniting with their husbands, wives, children and friends later. But all of their future days were taken from them. And all of those future moments shared with their loved ones will never be realized. My heart cries out to everyone in pain hoping that they know how they are loved by so many.  You are not alone in your sadness.

*** Posted by Stephen Rolirad on 2006-09-11 ***

Sharon I can not believe you have been gone for 5 years. With a heavy heart I think of you and how much we use to laugh together. I especially miss our girl talks and hanging out in my mothers basement. I miss you so much and think of you often. I stil have a picture of you from my baby shower. I look at it often not to forget your face as I know I will never forget you. Rest in peace my friend. I love you and will never forget you.

*** Posted by Virginia Marchena on 2006-09-09 ***

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