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In Tribute to Steven Paul Chucknick
44 years old.   Residence: Cliffwood Beach, N.J.
Died in World Trade Center

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My Love,

Its pretty cold here tonight, but I love it. The moon in the fall has that certain glow to it that reminds me of the times we spent together when we both worked together at the World Trade Center. We would finish working late, and as we headed home, the chill in the air made everything just right. That is when you would put your arm around me to keep me warm, and nothing else in the world mattered. Oh, how I long for those days once more. I love you, my Angel.

My Heart to yours forever,
Your wife Barbara

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-29 ***

Hi, Sweetheart, it's me. It is still raining here, but I needed to say, "I LOVE YOU!" I have been feeling so sad lately, and nothing seems to change the way I feel. I miss you, and that is all I can say. Please be with me.

My heart to yours forever,
Your wife, Barbara

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-27 ***

My Love,

As always, I thought about you for most of the day. It was a rainy day today, but I made the most of it. I received an e-mail today which basically explained how the littlest things in life can mean so much to people, and I realized by the time I got to the end of the e-mail, that we already lived our lives that way. We never took a single moment for granted and cherished even the smallest things that came our way. I guess most of the time we thanked God for what we had and always asked that he keep others safe from harm. I'm glad that we always respected nature and the simple things that entered our everyday life. It is what I loved about you the most: How you always cared about everyone and everything in our life. You never asked for anything for yourself, yet always gave so generously to others. I am blessed knowing that I had a man in my life who was so very special to this world, and yet he never knew it. You walked through this life just loving it and caring for everyone in it. You were an angel who passed through this world and made it so much better just by being here. I love you, my Angel.

My heart to yours forever
Your wife, Barbara

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-25 ***

My Sweet Angel,

Today is our 20th Wedding Anniversary, and I feel so alone. I sat and remembered this day back in 1987, and I wished that I could turn back time. We were so happy then, and no one else seemed to exist except us. It was like we were two pieces of a puzzle that fit together to make a picture complete. I loved you so very much, and you told me that you waited all your life for me. For me! You chose me to spend the rest of your life with. Now I sit here on this day alone with my heart aching to hold you again. How did this happen? How can it be that I have to face each day without you? I go through the motions of each day and do what I have to do, but there is a constant void and a feeling that makes me realize something isn't right. I know that the feeling is living without you. The sadness today is overwhelming, and I find it hard to think. Today I renew my wedding vows to you because, as I said, there isn't any "till death do us part." My love for you carries on and will stay with me until I can be in your arms again. I LOVE YOU, ANGEL!

My heart to yours forever,
Your wife Barbara

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-23 ***

My Love,

Tuesday is our 20th anniversary, and I will spend the day thinking of you and what a beautiful day it was. I was never happier than I was on that day. You came into my life and made it whole. I never felt afraid when you were near me, and I always felt safe in your arms. I remember how happy your dad was that day also. He was the best father-in-law I could have asked for. I remember smiling once after Steven was born: I was standing with 3 generations. Now two of you are gone, and I miss you both so much. I know your father was waiting for you when you got to heaven. You loved him so much, and he was so proud of you. I have been blessed in my life, and I will never want for anything because I have our son. I have been blessed with the best that life could ever have given me. And even though you are gone, I am blessed with the memories of a love that will last through eternity. I love you, Angel.

My heart to yours forever,
Your wife Barbara

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-21 ***

My Beloved,

I MISS YOU SO MUCH. I know that you can see me and know what I am thinking without me writing it here. I will return to writing in my journal most of the time because many of my thoughts to you are private. I love you, Angel.

My heart to yours for all times,
Your wife Barbara

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-20 ***

My Love,

What do I say when I feel I have said it all? I look at the calendar and watch the days go by until our anniversary. I remember the day as if it were yesterday. Do you remember? I need your help to get through the day. I feel the loneliness creeping into my heart already. I didn't think it would. I honestly thought I could get through the day with just a smile and telling you that I love you. When will this sadness end and be replaced with a smile because maybe I remembered something special? I really do want to smile, but it's so hard to let go. I want you to be here, and I know that will never happen. I miss you so much. My heart to yours forever.

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-18 ***

My Love,

It's late, but I just wanted to tell you, I LOVE YOU.

Your wife,

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-17 ***

My Angel,

You know me better than anyone else in the world. I need you beside me, because I am sad. The days are starting to roll into each other, and I don't know where the weeks are going. I love you so very much.

My heart to yours forever,
Your wife Barbara

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-16 ***

My Beloved,

I know you know me better than anyone in the world. Please look into my heart, see what's going on, and know that I love you. You are the best of my life and the rest of my life. Please be near me, right now. I feel so sad. My heart to only you, forever.

Your wife,

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-16 ***

My Angel,

I am watching the days get shorter and shorter. It seems as though it goes from summer, when it stays light, to fall, when it gets darker earlier, in a matter of days. The days and nights have been so cool. I dreamt of you last night. You were there, yet you weren't. I was in the WTC trying to get to the floor I used to work at. I wanted to be there, yet I was afraid to be there. I don't know what it all meant, but I know I was safe with you. My heart to yours forever.

Your wife,

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-15 ***

My Love,

Today is Sunday, and the day was uneventful. I was down by the water thinking about you and watched the sun go down. We use to love to do that. We would walk on the beach during the day and then watch the sun go down. Each sunset is so beautiful. And I watch each moment as the sun sets because you know you will never see the same one again. That is why you are in my heart and always will be there. You were one of a kind, and there will never be another like you again. I love you, Angel.

My heart to yours forever,
Your wife Barbara

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-14 ***

Hi, my angel. It's me. Today was such a beautiful day. Fall is in the air, and it looks like it's here to stay for a while. I went down by the water today, and Manhattan was so clear. The water was pretty rough because of the winds that we have, but I love it. The days are getting shorter, but I never mind it, because I know winter is on its way. I'm praying for a lot of snow this year. You know how I love the snow. As the seasons change, I think back to when we first met. This weather always makes me smile because this is the way it was when we started to date. I can remember the days when it was warmer during the day, but colder in the evening. If we were walking, you would put me inside your coat with you so I wouldn't be cold. I still remember the smell of your cologne when you did that, and even now if I close my eyes and take a deep breath, I can feel you so near me. If only ... I think sometimes in the wind I can hear you whispering to me. It makes me smile because I know I am the only one who can hear you. I love you so very much. I need to know you are happy where you are. Please send me a sign. My heart to yours forever.

Your wife,

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-12 ***

My Love,

Today I'm writing you in the early afternoon. So far all seems okay with Citrus, but please watch over him. My heart was so broken to see him the way he was. I knew you would ask St. Francis to help him. Thank you, my Angel. It's funny how I have been talking to you about the world lately. Now I have already been to the sites of "Our Lady of America". Her word to us is to return to purity of the heart, and the world will be at peace again. I was taken by the photograph of her statue. She is so, so beautiful. Who knows? Maybe there is hope for this world. We will see, but I promise to follow her words. I love you, my angel.

My heart to yours forever,
Your wife Barbara

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-11 ***

Hello Barbara,

It has been a few days since I came in here, and I have to say I sure missed you. You are on my mind every day, and I pray for God to send you strength, especially now that your anniversary is nearing. I am glad to hear about Citrus. That is wonderful news! Good to know he is better and getting better every day. I don't know why I keep coming here, or why you pop into my mind daily, but I know that you need support from every kind heart in this world.

Our wedding was as beautiful as I imagined it would be. Even that day, you passed through my heart. I could see you and your husband, as if it were your day all over again. It was a special moment I had. There wasn't much time that day to be by myself, but I wanted you to know that my husband and I were traveling to the reception, and as we shared some champagne, we toasted to you and Steve. I felt as if I saw you both on your wedding day. I have talked about you to him. He isn't as mushy as I am, but he supports my feelings when I talk about you.

My thoughts to you, Barbara, are that every day is a new day, and your kind words shelter my heart and make me a better person. It is hard with five younguns, but sometimes you're in my mind, and it makes me realize how lucky and special my life is. Thank you very much!

Angelique Lanier
Feel free to email me anytime: Angelique.Lanier@wachovia.com

*** Posted by Angelique Lanier on 2007-10-11 ***

My Darling Husband,

It's late, but I was sitting here thinking about you. It's funny how even when I do the simplest chore I miss you, because I know you could have done it better. The weather has cooled down again, and autumn is arriving again. I look forward to our Wedding Anniversary. I pray it is the same type of day that we had. Crisp and clear. It was the most beautiful day of my life. I pray for the same type of a day, so I can close my eyes in the fresh air and imagine. Imagine when I was with you, and there was no one else in the world but us. I will look at our wedding pictures on that day and not cry. How could I cry when I married the most wonderful angel that ever walked this earth. You are my love, my best friend, my husband, and my hero. I love you so much!

My heart is yours forever,
Your wife Barbara

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-10 ***

To the Chucknick family:

all though I never knew this family, as I read on see the man that was there but isnt there anymore has left a gap, but this man wont or will never leave them. his spirits will still be there for his family because this man loved his family and knows that on that day where tears just fell from the sky that he was leaving but not forever. this man hopes to meet his wife on the other side.

the expression I can see that when this dark evil day turned on us that the chucknick family felt like they were crumbling, they would had many questions that knowbody who answer. On that day knowbody knew whether there loved ones survied it or not. i give my deepest sympathy to this family because this man was torn out of this family because he was a innocent man trying to earn a living in this civil world.

i show compassion of love for this family for being strong and letting this wife man, dad, uncle, cousin, nephew go in a world where he not there via visual but there via thoughts and dreams and spirits. to the chucknick family I can say that your dad, wife etc is proud of the work you done and all he can say is that "HE LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH AND MISS YOU TERRIBLY!"

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-10 ***

My Loving Angel,

Today was a good day. Citrus is home. He did have a stroke but seems to have recovered 100%. I told the doctors that with all my friends praying for him, he had to be okay. I know you were with him, as was St. Francis. Thank you for this gift. I will now keep the promise to St. Francis that I made. Steve, through this site I have made some new friends. Some good friends that really care about you, Steven, and me, as well as Citrus and Cedar. Did you find them for me? Are they, too, angels in disguise. I look forward to talking to them every day. They are people who remind me of you. Not concerned with themselves, but with others. I like that. If more people were like them, then maybe the world would be a better place again. Thank you for finding them for me. Although I may never meet them, it is comforting to know they are there. I love you so very much, and I know you are with me.

My Heart to Yours forever,
Your wife Barbara

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-09 ***

My Love,

I just needed to say, "I LOVE YOU." Citrus still isn't home, and we miss him so much. They are doing a procedure on him tomorrow. Please watch over him and make sure he is okay.

My Heart to only you forever,
Your wife Barbara

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-08 ***

My Love,

I try to look at this world with hope and love in my heart. It seems to be such a sad place at times: people hurting people, people suffering, hunger, hate, and in constant turmoil. What happened to a time when people cared about each other? I remember those times, so it couldn't be that long ago. Some people just don't seem to care anymore. They go through life as if they are safe from everything. It makes me sad, but I will try to make a difference, just like you did.
Citrus is still in the hospital. They are going to run more tests on him. Please watch over him, and please watch over my friends who are ill and help them to heal. They did not know you, but they care about Steven and me, and of course you, very much. Ask the angels to be with them. They are good people. And as for you and me, my love, only you hold my heart forever. I love you.

My heart to yours forever,
Your wife Barbara

*** Posted by Barbara Chucknick on 2007-10-07 ***

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