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In Tribute to Susan Sauer
48 years old.   Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Died in World Trade Center

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Dear Sue,
Today is the anniversary of that bitter, dark day. My wife, a fellow student of yours at Illinois State who enjoyed a thirty-year friendship with you, our daughter who will never forget her godmother “Tante Susie”, our son and I know that you are in a better place and are watching over us. Thanks for the gift of kindness that you freely gave to us and others whose lives you touched.

*** Posted by Behrooz on 2012-09-11 ***

My memory of Sue was the fun,the laugher and the time we had together on August 11, 2001 the day Jason and I got married. That day is special to us in many ways not because we got married but it was the last time our entire families were together with Sue. We cherish that day to the fullest. We love and miss you.

*** Posted by Jason and Cary Straka Mann on 2011-09-14 ***

My daughter mentioned that a women named Sue Sauer was listed at the 911 memorial. I am Sue Saur, too. I read another women with the same name writing with the same reflection. It certainly gave me a moment of pause. Our Bible study is contemplating our epitaphs. I have been given more time to live a life to be remembered nobly. From the memorials I have read, Sue was a treasure to many, and missed by many, as well. My condolences to the family.

*** Posted by Sue Saur on 2011-09-13 ***

Remembering Susan and her loved ones today.

*** Posted by Janet Stevenson on 2011-09-11 ***

RIP Susan.. Know that your life will never be forgotten. You live forever in the hearts and memories of all those that knew and loved you and miss you dearly to this day. I went to school with you, we graduated together from WCHS with the class of 1970. Although we never knew each other personally, we shared a few classes, worked together on a few classroom projects and had a few school related laughs. You were a very kind and wonderful person and it was an honor to know you. We miss you.

*** Posted by Billy Wick on 2011-09-10 ***

My husband and I golfed with Sue a few times,the last at Cherry Hill just before 9-11, it was a perfect day for golf and it was a light non-competive game with lots of laughing.

*** Posted by Kathy Isztok on 2011-09-09 ***

My sister, Sue Sauer, was a remarkable woman whose life was cut short almost ten years ago. She and the other victims should never be forgotten. The memories of time spent with them will live on in our hearts forever.

*** Posted by Barb Pemberton on 2011-06-15 ***

Dear Sue,

I think of you often, and I still can't believe that you are gone. I remember calling your home phone that day and hoping that what I heard was wrong. It wasn't. I'm sorry that I never took you up on golf, but I'm so very glad that we shared a good glass of wine and a genuine love of life. You will always be on my mind, and I continue to think of your family who were so very dear to you.

*** Posted by Joanne Eudy on 2010-09-29 ***

I grew up with Sue Sauer. She graduated from Wheaton Central High School in Northern Illinois a couple years ahead of me. I didn't know her personally, but I am sure we passed in the halls over the years. She was known to be a smart and kind person, liked by all... which must have led her to her profession as a motivational speaker. So good that she started doing classes in other states as well. So good that the morning of September 11, 2001 when she was to teach a class in New York City, there wasn't another conference room available big enough to hold all her students except the largest one at the top of the World Trade Towers. I'll bet she helped a lot that day too, talking to everyone to keep them calm hoping the emergency workers would reach them. And after she was gone, a message she had left for a friend before she left on that terrible trip was quoted in her obit in the Chicago Tribune that is best life summary I have ever heard. I still have it on my wall here at home, "Do what you are most passionate about, trust in yourself, leave a place better than when you arrived, love openly, and have fun." I share that with lots of our classmates each September 11th. So she continues to help us and is still very much missed. Rest in peace Sue...

*** Posted by Jill Callarman Kaufman on 2010-09-10 ***

Susan Sauer obituary

Click to enlarge

When I Googled my former classmate Susan Sauer, WCHS '70, who was killed in WTC#1 on September 11th, this was the only 9-11 match I got. Attached is the obit that ran in the Chicago Tribune that has Sue's photo in it, along with a description of her and what she was doing there that day. Her and her company taught such good motivational classes, they couldn't find room anywhere else but the top of the trade towers to hold it. She was a smart and kind person who was liked by all at our small high school in the western suburbs of Chicago. Todd Beamer was a student at Wheaton College nearby, but Sue went to Wheaton Central High School with many of us. We still use her last quote a lot... she is still very much missed.
Jill Callarman Kaufman, WCHS '72

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-10 ***

I will be running the Inaugural 5K Race on Sept 6th for the remembrance of Susan.

*** Posted by frank mediate (nyc) on 2009-08-28 ***

Sue was my cousin. I have such fond memories of her. She was always loving and kind. When she and her "cool" college friends visited AZ one spring break, they included me, a very impressionable high schooler, in their fun. It made a difference in my life.

*** Posted by Brynn Kenyon on 2009-02-25 ***

I remember Sue's charisma and enthusiam; she lived in the Hamilton-Whitten dorm complex adjacent to the dorm where I lived. She was a lot of fun and had a wonderful caring family, especially her sister Barb.  Sue is missed by all of us. 

Ron Rood (Marengo, IL)

*** Posted by Ronald Rood on 2008-09-14 ***

I am a 47-year-old wife and mother who lives in southern Illinois. My daughter graduated from high school this year, and her grandmother gave her a trip to New York in June as a graduation present. She just took her pictures in to Wal-mart Wednesday, and I hadn't looked at them yet. She called from work to tell me to make sure her straightening iron on the floor of her room was off. So I did, and as I was turning around to leave her room, there was the packet of pictures, so I grabbed them and came downstairs to look at them. There were pictures of Christmas, prom, graduation, etc. Then I came to the pictures of her trip to New York, specifically, of Ground Zero. There is a picture of a Memorial Wall with the quote, "Dedicated To Those Who Fell And To Those Who Carry On." There were other pictures of the area. My heart literally broke as I looked at the pictures. I just felt the need to let someone know that the individuals who died in this tragedy will never be forgotten, and as I was scrolling down the list of casualties I found on the Internet, I came across Susan's name and noticed that she was from Chicago, IL. Most were from New York. I thought, Susan didn't live that far from me, and I don't know why she happened to be there that day, but I'm positive she has survivors who miss her terribly, and I was right. I just wanted to let them know that she will never be forgotten, even by people who never knew her. I found this website dedicated to her, and I just wanted to let someone know that my heart is breaking for her today, July 11th, 2008, and that she will never be forgotten. God bless her loved ones and whoever reads this.

Janet Stevenson

*** Posted by Janet Stevenson on 2008-07-11 ***

I left a previous comment. Did I mention my present age is forty-eight?

*** Posted by Susan Sauers on 2008-06-16 ***

I came across this upon having googled my own name. It seems a strange coincidence/connection to someone I never knew. It made me pause to ponder our fragile existence. Condolences to this individual's friends and family.

*** Posted by Susan Sauers on 2008-06-16 ***

I knew Sue. She was a patient at my office. What a great person! She always had a smile and a great story to share while I cleaned her teeth. I think of her often, and my thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

*** Posted by Maria Micheletto RDH on 2007-09-11 ***

I worked for Sue. She saw potential in me. She encouraged me. She was just a wonderful woman. I miss her very much.

*** Posted by Keni Brown on 2007-09-11 ***

I want to remember with love my sister, Susan Sauer, who was a victim of the attacks on the World Trade Center. Sue deserves to be remembered for her love of life, her devotion to her family, and her dedication to her job and those she mentored within her company. What a loss! God bless the families of all of the victims.

*** Posted by Barb Pemberton on 2007-09-10 ***

god bless you and ure family

*** Posted by laura on 2006-11-15 ***

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