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In Tribute to Sylvia San Pio Resta
26 years old.   Residence: New York, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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I was dear friends with Sylvia's younger sister in my youth and my heart goes out to her and her family each year. May she continue to live as beautiful as she was in your minds.

*** Posted by Allison on 2009-09-11 ***


I have definitely not forgotten you. I pray for you, John, and your baby. I also pray for your wonderful family. May God richly bless you all and comfort you on this difficult day of remembrance. Let us remember too all of the wonderful memories that Sylvia provided to us all... she touched each of us in a unique way. I thank God for her all the time. We shall never forget the sacrifices made 8 years ago today. For they continue in our hearts each and every day. You are with us in spirit, dear Sylvia!

*** Posted by Keith Wandtke on 2009-09-11 ***

Wishing the families of Sylvia and John my deepest condolences on the eight-year anniversary. May you all find some sort of solace in knowing these two people (including the countless others who lost their lives) touched many people in different ways. It's been about 14 years since I last saw Sylvia ... yet her voice and face are still in my memory as if it were yesterday. You're all in my and my family's thoughts and prayers throughout this sorrowful time. May g-d grant them their well-deserved wings, and let them fly over each and every one they've touched.


Michael Apicella

*** Posted by MICHAEL APICELLA on 2009-09-10 ***

Hello to the family with this loss. I'm so sorry. She sounded like she had a great family. I feel your pain. I've had a lot of losses, too. I hope that her faith and sympathy guides your family to a happier life.

*** Posted by Sara on 2009-09-09 ***

Here I am, sitting and reading this with tears in my eyes. Sylvia was my sister-in-law. Eight years ago yesterday was the last time I saw Sylvia. It was at a surprise birthday party she helped plan for my brother. The party was a few weeks belated because they were in Spain on my brother's birthday.

Sylvia was truly a wonderful person. Sylvia treated her nieces and nephews like her own children, playing video games with them for hours when most adults couldn't be bothered, helping them with Spanish and math homework. Sylvia was very much loved by my entire family. We think of Sylvia every day, and we miss Sylvia and John with an unspeakable anguish.

We pray daily that not one more family anywhere in the world ever has to suffer what we and the other 9/11 families have suffered.


*** Posted by Tom on 2009-08-12 ***

You are in heaven.... Estas en el cielo, Silvia.

*** Posted by TANIA on 2009-05-09 ***

23 years ago my parents bought a home on Long Island in Dix Hills, 7 houses away from my grandparents' house. It just so happens that the house my parents bought was that of Sylvia's family. I remember being 7 or 8 years old and playing with her and her brothers and sister while visiting my grandparents on weekends and vacations, before my parents even looked into buying that home. Even after moving in to that house, my family always remained in contact with Sylvia and her family. My sisters were her best friends for many many years....

Through time, we all grew up, moved on, went our own ways, and sometimes when that happens you lose touch with people. When I was 19 years old, I was sitting in a local Dix Hills pizzeria, and who walked in? Sylvia. What a shock to see her after so many years. She was radiant and glowing, and had grown up to be such a beautiful young woman. I couldn't wait to get home and tell my family that I ran into her and that she and her family were all doing so well.

Again time went on. We lost touch yet again. At age 25, I'm sitting at work, reading the newspaper, it must have been 2, maybe 3, months after that somber September 11th day, flipping thru the paper, reading things on "Remembering the Lost," when I come to a page, and MY HEART SANK. I see a picture of Sylvia and her husband John, with an article of how they met, where they vacationed, what he did for her for an anniversary, and how she was expecting her first child with him. I couldn't believe it, could it really have been the Sylvia I knew as a child and young adolescent? I called my mom and told her to turn to page whatever it it was. I heard, "Oh, my goodness!" And the phone dropped. To this day on September 11th 2008, 7 years later, I'm still in disbelief on the loss of Sylvia and so many other innocent victims. I don't want to remember her as one person, friend, wife, daughter, sister, etc. who lost her life that day. But I will remember her as the girl who pushed me off my bicycle when I was 10. I will remember her voice, her Alysa Milano haircut. I will remember always going to her house in Forrest Hills, going to Pizzeria Uno on Austin St. And I will remember being yelled at by her babysitter, Virginia, 'cause I was being a loud, obnoxious child, yelling outside the window of Sylvia's youngest brother Joey's bedroom as he napped.

My heart goes out to Sylvia and her family. Be strong, and god bless you all during your hard times of remembrance. And I remember, even now at age 32. Every time I walk thru the front door of my parents’ home, I say a prayer for Sylvia and her family and remember her throughout every step I take in that house. May all those souls that went to heaven in the plumes of smoke, rest in peace.

Michael Apicella, an old friend

*** Posted by Michael Apicella on 2008-09-11 ***

I hadn't seen Sylvia in many years, but she popped into my head a short time ago, and I decided to see if I could find her via the internet, and I was extremely saddened to discover that she passed away with her husband on 9/11. My deepest condolences to their families.

*** Posted by Tara on 2008-09-04 ***

Thank you.

*** Posted by GEORGE on 2008-04-12 ***

Silvia estés donde estés sepas que nunca te olvidaremos ni a ti ni a las miles de personas que perdieron la vida inesperadamente en ese trágico día que todos vivimos y con el que no podíamos ni podemos dejar de sufrir cada vez que lo recordamos. Encuentra un descanso en tu alma. A la familia mis mas sincero amor, respeto y admiración por no hundirse en un daño tan irreparable, ¡gracias de verdad!

[Ed. - Silvia, wherever you are, you know that never we will forget you--neither you nor the thousands of people who lost their lives unexpectedly on that tragic day that all we lived through and over which we couldn't and can't keep from suffering whenever we remember it. May you find rest for your soul. To the family my most sincere love, respect, and admiration for not having sunk from such irreparable damage. True thanks!]

*** Posted by Victor on 2007-02-24 ***

Contigo se fué una parte de España, no hay nada más triste que las buenas personas desaparezcan por motivos como este.
Ni tu recuerdo morirá, ni tampoco la atroz tragedia en la que te viste envuelta.

Sólo espero que puedas encontrar descanso a tu alma, y que continúes tu felicidad en el cielo que te ganaste, tanto tú como el resto de personas que fallecieron inesperadamente.

Nunca os olvidaremos.

[Ed. - With you a part of Spain went away. There's nothing sadder than good people who disappear for reasons like this. Your memory will not die, neither will the atrocious tragedy in which you found yourself surrounded.

I just hope that you can find rest for your soul, and that you continue your happiness in heaven, which you earned. You and the rest of the people who died unexpectedly.

We will never forget you.]

*** Posted by Cristian on 2007-01-07 ***

Tu familia ha perdonado a los que te asesinaron, nada puede ser más loable y admirable.

[Ed. - Your family has forgiven those who murdered you. Nothing can be more praiseworthy and admirable.]

*** Posted by LOLO on 2006-11-04 ***

We didn't know each other well, but I remember how excited you were when I invited you to Hands Across America. Even then you wanted to be part of something special that would help others.

*** Posted by carmen on 2006-09-11 ***

Sylvia, my sister, was a wonderful person. I miss her very much and think about her everyday. I try to remember her words and her laughter to keep her alive in my life.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2005-11-06 ***

Im a Los Osos High School student in Alta Loma CA  and for 9/11 we eached got a braclet to wear on our wrist to remember those who died and i got hers. I want to say that Im sorry for your loss, and I will wear this in remembrence of her and never forget this historical tragedy that she will always be remembered in.

*** Posted by Bryan A. Brown on 2005-09-12 ***

sylvia.. i think of you often..you were always a special person.. and a good friend.. you will always hold a special place in my heart.. i miss you.. and words cannot express how sorry i am..  i wish we hadnt let so much time go by since we had spoken..  you were and always will be in my thoughts and in my heart

*** Posted by maria on 2005-09-10 ***

36 Total Comments

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