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In Tribute to Thomas E. Burnett Jr.
38 years old.   Residence: San Ramon, Calif.
Passenger of Flight 193

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To the family of Tom Burnett Jr.,

Today (December 15th) I had the honor of placing a wreath on the grave of your son, husband, and father at Fort Snelling National Cemetery as part of "Wreaths across America." What Tom's sacrifice and all the others on Flight 93 showed the rest of us is that the freedom that most of us take for granted comes at a very heavy price. Tom and the others were very heroic in what they did on September 11th, and if there was a one picture for the definition of heroism, what the passengers of Flight 93 did that day on September 11th, 2001 would be it.

*** Posted by Lt. Col Tony Tarpy CAP on 2007-12-15 ***

The Lord had Tom where He knew He needed him that day. I am sad for your family, but I know that you well see him in heaven, where there is no more sorrow or evil. Tom listened to the Lord that day. Remember to keep listening to the Lord also. I thank my Jesus for being there for me in the rain. I also thank Him that no one can take away our freedom from our sins and our relationship with him! May Jesus bless your life.

*** Posted by Laurie Case on 2007-09-14 ***

Thank you for being a hero.

*** Posted by Tyler C. on 2007-09-11 ***

Thank you, Tom Burnett. We love you! I wish I could have died instead of you.

*** Posted by REBECCA GAMKER on 2007-03-21 ***

thank you tom for giving america a reason to love you. thank you for giving your life to save others. I will always remember you. THANK YOU!

*** Posted by ALEXANDRA PRECIADO on 2007-03-21 ***

Recuerdo aquel dia, cuando a pesar de encontrarme en mi pais. Colombia. Veia con asombro y estupor como los hombres podemos tener la capacidad de cometer actos atroces.
Y luego... Al saber el heroismo del cual se revistieron los pasajeros del vuelo 93; cuando sus pensamientos sobrepasaron su deseo por vivir y la extendieron hacia los demas con su sacrificio. Pude comprender que la esperanza es capaz de sobrepasar cualquier limite cuando se trata de encontrar un mundo mejor.
A todas las familias de aquellos que rindieron su vida en busca de la fe, debo desearles mis mejores deseos y el sentirse orgullosos por haber compartido su existencia, aunque efimera... Con seres inspiradores...


[Ed. - I remember that day, when, in spite being in my country, Colombia, I watched with astonishment and stupor how as men we can have the capacity to commit atrocious acts. And then, when I found out what heroism the passengers of flight 93 took on themselves when their thoughts exceeded their desire to live, and they extended them towards others with their sacrifice. I could understand that hope is able to surpass whatever limit when you're trying to find a better world.
To all the families from whom they removed their lives in search of their faith, I must send my best wishes. May you feel proud for having shared your existence, however short, with such inspiring people.]

*** Posted by CESAR OCA—A on 2007-03-03 ***

I am 15 years old and have recently been researching 9/11 and I watched the film "flight 93." Since watching I have found out about Thomas Burnett and have felt so proud. I did not know him, but he is my hero. My heart goes out to his family and 3 daughters. Rest in peace. You are a hero.

*** Posted by Charlotte on 2006-11-22 ***

Thomas E-Burnett

Iím a Cambodian people, my name Rotana. I just watched TV of Discovery Channel; about The Flight That Fought Back is flight 93. My tear falling down on my face while I watching the situation in the flight. Of course Tom is the one who brave, he is a hero in my mind and I thought itís not only in my mind, but for all the people will never forget him. He will make us to remember to sacrifice his life for oneís country. 9/11 is the day that we have never forgot and always remember to all the heroes of 9/11. I really not realize that how Deena reply to her daughters about Tom. Sorry Deena, I just can write this message to relieve from your pain and may God continue to bless your family, but please remember Tom and all the victims of flight 93 always becomes a hero in our mind and they are living on with honor forever.

Thanks to all the passenger and crew of united flight 93
Sieng Rotana
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

*** Posted by Sieng Rotana on 2006-10-10 ***

Even though I do not know you, you are a hero to me. To stand up for what you believed. To try to stop the evil and from damaging any more of America. Thank you.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-26 ***

mrs. burnett,

I had to write a paper in my english class and it was aboout heros. we started to use the old story of Beowulf a being classified as a hero then we were asked to find a mondern day hero to compare Beowulf to. I had found that your husband, tom, matched perfectly to the criteria and deffinition that our teacher had given us. he was truly a hero and I hope you and your family stay strong. you should be so proud to have such a wonderful human being who has so much courage in your family.  god bless!

*** Posted by Mallory Pillar in Minnesota on 2006-09-13 ***

I watched the news about the flight on dateline last night and can't imagine how they have changed my life forever. I think the unselfish acts they performed has changed our world for a better place. My prayers go out to you and I hope you have peace in your heart to know he was awesome.

*** Posted by Billie Jo on 2006-09-12 ***

My heart if full of sadness for all the families, friends, colleagues and loved ones of those lost on this tragic day. I watched in Ireland, completely shocked, as the events unfolded. I was a couple of weeks pregnant with our son at the time. I think now five years later of the joy I have had since his birth and the sorrow you all must be suffering for the past five years. My heart goes out to you. You are all so brave. I too have had sorrow in the past few years with the loss of my mother. Her passing has crushed me so I can identify with your feelings. You never recover, you just get on with life. I believe part of you dies too when a close loved one dies. I think especially at this time of the babies that were born after their Dads died. You, like my little guy, are five now and full of life and giving your Mom's such joy and strength. I think of you when I look at my son and Thank God for the wonderful gift of life that keeps us all going on bad days. 

I extend my deepest sympathy to you all and hope that your memories of happy times, tender moments, great conversations, happy thoughts and precious love you shared with your lost loved one keeps you strong.

*** Posted by Kay in Ireland on 2006-09-12 ***

Mrs. Bennett, thank you visiting Pepperdine today to help remind us of you husband's courage. May we move forward in peace.

*** Posted by Edwin Cahill on 2006-09-11 ***

Today I read a newspaper article about Tom's biological daughter Mariah who never had the opportunity to know her father before his untimely death. It was a very interesting and heart-wrenching account. She is a strong young woman and is fortunate to have many supportive people in her life, including Tom's wife Deena and his sisters, as well as her adoptive parents who dearly love her.

*** Posted by Rebecca Steagall on 2006-09-11 ***

To the family of Tom Burnett.....on this very emotional day, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that Mr. Burnett and his fellow passengers did for all of us.....I did not know him but feel that he is in my heart and I look to the skies each and every day and thank G-d for him and all of the other heros from 9-11....again...thank you and know that your family and every other family who lost a loved one on 9-11 are in my thoughts and prayers!

*** Posted by Carrie from Georgia on 2006-09-11 ***

i cant forget the phone calls made from the flight that day and how brave those people were and the familes left behind I have read tom burnett wife book and it left me with such sadness but hope that they all saved lot people lives that day they are forver in my thoughts and mind even 5 years later

*** Posted by sandra horan on 2006-09-03 ***


*** Posted by A. EAST on 2006-08-28 ***

tom your courage is greatly appreciated not only by myself, but with others as well. thank you

*** Posted by jenny on 2006-08-24 ***

Although a light has gone out on this earth..an even brighter one shines down from Heaven...God Bless you Tom.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-08 ***

thank you tom for be hero

*** Posted by rebecca on 2006-03-01 ***

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