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In Tribute to Todd Beamer
32 years old.   Residence: Cranbury, N.J.
Passenger of Flight 193

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Todd is a hero of a special kind, and God has made a place for him, and he will always dwell within my heart, for Todd gave his life, so all of us can live. Thank you, Todd, and thank you, Lisa.

*** Posted by Sheila Dewille on 2005-02-17 ***

When I think of the sacrifice that Todd Beamer made, I think of what a brave American he really was. The third verse of “America the Beautiful” says it the best:

“Oh, beautiful, for heroes proved in liberating strife,
Who more than self their country loved in mercy more than life”

Today, I think about Todd Beamer and the sacrifice he made for America, and I pray for his wife Lisa Beamer and all of their family.

Todd Beamer is honored in my song,

“Light a candle in September
for the heros. We will remember!”

I pray for peace for all America, but most of all peace for the Beamer family! Todd Beamer makes me proud to be an American!

Jennifer Renée

*** Posted by Jennifer Renée on 2004-09-11 ***

On this day of this memorial I remember that horrible day. It still brings chills to me. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the families of 911.... I think today of Todd and Lisa as I read her book, and I am comforted to know that Todd is with his maker and that Lisa now has Jesus as the head of her household. She was an inspiration to us, not given time to mourn, everything was so quick, but yet so strong. It was apparent where her strength came from. May God bring his peace through our land and may justice be served....

*** Posted by Lori Hornack on 2004-09-11 ***

Todd Beamer is a name we all will remember.... We pray for your family each day, Todd. You are a hero. We all look up to you on each anniversary of 9-11.

*** Posted by Maryanne on 2004-09-11 ***

Thank you so much to Todd Beamer, who will always be remembered for his heroic action above and beyond the
call of duty. A young man who loved America so much that he gave the greatest gift of love that he could give for America — his life. He will always be remembered. And when I need strength, I will remember Todd Beamer's call, "Let's Roll"!

May God bless him and the other heroes who died that day. And God bless the Beamer family.

*** Posted by Kathy Schultz on 2004-09-11 ***

Dear Todd,

It's been three years since that terrible day! As I take time to remember, my thoughts are with you and your comrades who willingly gave your lives for my freedom. What an outstanding job you all have done! The lord gave you the strength to move mountains, and you certainly did! I will never forget you. Thank you and Godspeed.

*** Posted by Debbie on 2004-09-11 ***

The only name that I remember from that day is Todd Beamer. There were hundreds of fire fighters and police who also gave there lives for others on 9/11, but what is special about the people with Todd, and Todd himself, is that they were unexpected heroes, people who didn't ask for the job of saving lives, people who didn't ask to be heroes. They JUST DID IT. That is my definition of hero. You make me a better person by your example, Todd.

*** Posted by Rob Hughes on 2004-09-07 ***


What a massive debt our country owes you, It was you along with your fellow passengers who made us proud. You've instilled the thought that Americans are still capable of great sacrifice. It was the actions that you and fellow passengers performed that saved countless lives and gave us our first actual VICTORY in the war on terror. I will try to live up to the example you and others like you have given.... Thanks a million times over. But I feel like these words are so ... trivial. Sometimes the letters of the alphabet just fail us in expressing our feelings.... This is one of those times....

*** Posted by Greg Williams (Smithville, Tennessee) on 2004-06-24 ***

I'm twelve, and I know that the people who died in 9-11 were good people. Life isn't always what you dream, but if you have a dream, go for it, because if you don't, you only hurt yourself in your dreams. Todd Beamer had a dream, I'm sure of it, and he never got to go through with it, so when you think about it, do it for him. Do it for all the people who died in 9-11, and don't let anyone stop you! JUST DO IT!

*** Posted by Breanna on 2004-06-08 ***

I simply want to say: Todd, thank you for what you have done. Do you realize the extent of your sacrifice? I am sitting in my office, and I just read about you, the flight, your wife, and I am in tears. I am not going to cry anymore. However, I am gonna do something in your memory. I'm not sure what, but I promise you that I will be more kind and generous, that I will kiss my son more, that I will appreciate my life more, that I will thank God for you and your example, and that I will keep your family in my prayers. God bless you.

*** Posted by Kubryn on 2004-06-06 ***

I thought Todd was a great Christian man. We named our Yorkshire Terrier puppy after him. His name is Beamer.

*** Posted by Emily on 2004-04-30 ***

Although Todd was a civilian, he showed as much courage as any of our men and women in uniform. I didn't know Todd, but I do watch the news and read the paper. When I heard about what Todd had done, I felt so proud; we do have people who sacrifice for the sake of others when it's not their job. 

Therefore, I see Todd as more of a hero than a victim. Not only because he saved hundreds of lives, but also because he made the decision that if he was going to die, he was going to do it by his own hand while saving others, rather than by someone else's.

What an incredible man!  May God bless all who were lost and their families.

*** Posted by Jennifer in Ohio on 2004-04-14 ***

I truly appreciate what Todd Beamer did for his country. He is my hero. In my English class I am doing a report on him as my hero because of his bravery and courage. Thanks, Todd.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-07 ***

WOW! That is one thing I can say about that book that Todd's wife wrote, "Let's Roll." I'm one of the biggest jocks you'll ever meet, and this book had me in tears for more than half of it. It was so emotional that I wouldn't read it in class. Our teacher told us to bring our books in to class to read, but I couldn't because I'm not one to show my emotions. I would always get yelled at, while on the other hand, I couldn't wait to get home to read it.  I just want people to know how good this book is and READ IT. TRUST ME!!!

Alex in Indiana

*** Posted by Alex on 2004-03-03 ***

I am a 21-year-old college student who has a birthday on 9/11, and before two years ago, that day was just like any other. But now I remember the day 9/11/2001 like it were yesterday:

My roommate was a reservist in the marines at the time, and I remember when we woke up that morning, only it woke us up with a bang. I sat as we watched the Twin Towers bellowing with smoke, just one of the towers at that time was hit. Not two minutes passed until we knew what was going on. We were both speechless as we struggled to let our parents know and still prepare to go to class. We were worried.

I have to say that I still remember those who died and they still weigh heavy on my heart. I am in a communications class right now, and we have to do our project on "random acts of kindness." I picked the flight that never made it. The people who died on that plane were heroes because they acted out of their goodness as human beings and as God's children. I take this time to salute the heroes on Flight 193, along with all the men and women who lost their lives that day. Thank you for serving this country along with the men and woman who continue to fight today in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tennessee has your hearts and prayers in mind tonight and always, America. Thank you so much for sharing, from a soon-to-be massage therapist in Nashville!

*** Posted by Chew on 2003-10-21 ***

After reading the book that Todd's wife wrote, "Let's Roll," I have come to realize that she is an incredible inspiration to us all. Thank you so much for sharing this story of your and Todd's life together and apart. God bless you.

*** Posted by Diane on 2003-09-20 ***

I think that as Americans we have somehow forgotten how tragic that day truly was. It seems like the first couple of months I went all over my town and saw miles and miles of nothing but American flags, and then they just started to disappear. I don't think that is how it should be.

We no longer have the same freedoms we had before that day. We no longer have those 3,000 victims alive and in our world. They are gone now, and we need to remember what they did for this country. We seem to always remember the victims of war, but they, too, were victims of war. They were victims of one of the worst wars ever fought, and they are still trying to fight that war today. We should never forget that day.

I don't know, maybe I am just a little college student, but I know that my uncle went overseas to fight, and I don't want his fight to be in vain. Light a candle tonight, the College of Charleston campus is.

*** Posted by Brittany Choquette on 2003-09-11 ***

My heart still breaks when I think of that terrible day. I pray that Todd's family is well and that they are comforted daily. The men and women on that flight will never be forgotten.

*** Posted by Karen on 2003-09-10 ***

I think this young man and many others were brave. They tried to prevent other deaths, knowing it would probably cost them their own lives. May God bless them.

*** Posted by Kathy Barr on 2003-09-07 ***

219 Total Comments

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