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In Tribute to Vernon Paul Cherry
49 years old.   Residence: New York, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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Your name was on a note left in my mailbox,9 years ago. The note said Vernon Cherry lost his life on 9/11/2001
Please rember him. So for 9 years on the week of 9/11 I have put a sign out by my mailbox In memoriam of Vernon Cherry. As long as I live I will rember you.

*** Posted by Karen - Itasca,il on 2011-09-04 ***

My husband Mike played with Vernon in Night Moves, a wedding band, for five years....
VERNON was an all around great guy...
He was fun, handsome, smart, and had many diverse interests. He was a great singer and all around performer. His picture hangs in my home...He is always talked about and missed.

*** Posted by Josephine Ponella on 2011-05-04 ***

My heart is always with you and your family.... Miss ya, Ryan ... and your dad!


*** Posted by Ricky Scheiner on 2011-02-17 ***

You will never know how many people have been moved by the story of your life.

*** Posted by Bob Johnson (Atlanta, GA) on 2010-12-15 ***

Hello Vernon Paul Cherry,
  I just wanted to say thank you friend for the many lives that you saved. Thank you for being there when we needed you. Thank you for those who are no longer here. They gave their lives so we could live. They gave us hope instead of despair. Wish I could hold them closer, so I could thank them all, from the bottom of my heart. You are now and always will be my, heavenly, angel in the "Blue Sky".
                With Love Always,

                Yolanda Harris

*** Posted by Yolanda Harris on 2010-09-11 ***

I didn't know Vernon, but I came to this website to remember the victims of 911 and clicked on his name. I feel for all the families of these victims, especially the children left without parents. My own personal brush with this event was when I was in Cancun in November of 2004, when I met a man whose wife had died in the towers. She left a couple of kids for him to raise without her. This tragedy touched SO many lives, mine included. I couldn't quit crying when I heard about it. We will never forget the day it happened, and will always keep in memorial, the number of lives it took. My sincere sympathy and blessings to the family of Vernon.
Anita Elwell

*** Posted by Anita Elwell on 2010-09-11 ***

Remembering a songbird on this day...

To the family of Vernon Cherry: My thoughts and prayers are with you.  God bless you.

*** Posted by Abigail on 2010-09-11 ***

Another year has gone by, where we remember our dear friend, Vernon Cherry! We think of him and all the others that we lost on 9-11! Vernon Cherry is forever in our hearts and thoughts! We miss you!

Crystal Ann Perez and family

*** Posted by Johnny & Lorraine Perez on 2010-09-10 ***

Hello MR. Paul Vernon Cherry, There is not a day that passes me by that I am not thinking of you. Perhaps, because my life is changing, considerably, for the better. I find myself becoming more courageous, daring to challenge my fears, striving to achieve greatness in my life and willing to indulge in selfless acts of kindness, all due to you and the Spiritual Guardian Angels that you are, now in great company with. You PERSONIFY the true meaning of the word GREATNESS. Your BRAVERY is incredibly contagious and I want to genuinely thank you for such a wonderful LEGACY YOU BESTOWED upon us all. I adore you. I miss you and I KNOW that you are now playing an INSTRUMENTAL role in not only my life but UNIVERSALLY. Your gracious FAMILY is so very PROUD OF YOU for all that you have GIVEN, ACHIEVED, ACCOMPLISHED, and UNSELFISHLY PROVIDED INCREDIBLE PROTECTION FOR US ALL. As LIFE PROGRESSES, by the grace of GOD, I will forever continue to hear your MELODIC WHISPERS guiding me towards the "Shining brightness" that forever lights up the blue skies, propels us forward and keeps us smiling from DAY TO DAY. Thank you for your GUIDANCE. May God continue his ANGELIC watch over you, provide peace and keep you, your family, loved ones, friends and acquaintances safe and sound and very well-protected, ALWAYS. (WE LOVE YOU, YOU ARE AWESOME).

*** Posted by Yolanda Harris on 2009-09-11 ***

I posted on You Tube: Veron singing at the NYFD Memoial Service. There's a little static, but that's okay. Miss you, little brother!

*** Posted by Ronald Cherry on 2009-09-09 ***

We are approaching the anniversary of the worst day in our history. The day we lost Vernon Cherry and countless other brave men and women. Although eight years have passed, it still seems like it just happened yesterday. We all miss Vernon so much, and we remember him every day for his kindness to others, his strength, his bravery, and his extraordinary singing talent. Rest in peace, my friend.

*** Posted by Phyllis Martin (Starfire) on 2009-08-31 ***

Hi! I am the younger sister of Crystal Perez, the little girl Vernon sang to. My family loved and loves Vernon so much! Even though I didn't really get to know Vernon, I have heard so many great stories about what a wonderful man Vernon Cherry was! :-) I wish I could have had the chance to meet him because he was he was a wonderful man! The song he made for my sister was very good! My family greatly appreciates what Vernon did for Crystal. He had a very giving heart! And we miss Vernon greatly! Crystal is 15, and she's a strong-hearted person who has a great life ahead of her! I am 12 now, and I still hear wonderful stories! And I love listening to them. Vernon was and is an inspiring man who my family loves very much! Xoxoxoxo!

*** Posted by Samantha Perez on 2009-04-16 ***

I used to work at the Bowery Saving Bank downtown Brooklyn and met Vernon as a customer at the bank. We would always know when he was on line because you could hear the melody a mile away, he'd be singing or whistling (even with the line out the door). What a pleasant person, always in a good mood! Vernon is a true hero, and I am sure is sorely missed by many.

*** Posted by Abigail on 2008-09-11 ***

I had the honor and pleasure of singing side by side with Vernon in our "Wedding Band" Starfire. Together we sang beautiful duets at countless weddings and affairs. Vernon's voice transcended us all to a higher place. For myself, I felt safer just knowing Vernon was at my side. His beautiful smile, his boyish sense of humor and his incredible loyalty will stay with me always. He is now in heaven with our drummer, Jack, who was the love of my life and loved Vernon like a brother.... Someday we'll all be together again, making beautiful music!

*** Posted by Phyllis (Starfire) Martin on 2008-09-11 ***

I had the honor and pleasure of singing side by side with Vernon in our "Wedding Band" Starfire. Together we sang beautiful duets at countless weddings and affairs. Vernon's voice transcended us all to a higher place. For myself, I felt safer just knowing Vernon was at my side. His beautiful smile, his boyish sense of humor, and his incredible loyalty will stay with me always. He is now in heaven with our drummer, Jack, who was the love of my life and loved Vernon like a brother.... Someday we'll all be together again, making beautiful music!

*** Posted by Phyllis (Starfire) Martin on 2008-09-11 ***

Vernon gave me a very special gift: He made me aware of the preciousness of life's moments! Life can only be measured in present moments. He didn't tell me how to do this; he showed me with his own life. All who know him know what I mean. He lives on.

*** Posted by Cindy Cherry on 2008-08-30 ***

Vernon sang in my parent's wedding band. He was truly a wonderful man and extraordinarily brave. I still think about the fun we all used to have with him on gigs, and I remember a lot of fire stories he told me as a kid. He is missed very much.

*** Posted by Michael on 2008-07-23 ***

I just heard a recording of Vernon singing to Miss Perez with his group. You can hear him sing at http://www.songsoflove.org/vern/html. The song is great, he and the group sounded great. If you cannot get to this website you may have to go through "sinatrafamily.net" at the bottom of the first page they have songsoflove.org to click on.

Cassandra (originally from Astoria, Queens)

*** Posted by Cassandra on 2008-07-10 ***

I remember Vernon very well. We hung out together with a group of people from Astoria and Woodside in Queens. Vernon always met the group with another close friend of his (I cannot recall his name). We were in our early to mid teens. All of us would go Central Park to hang out, and we ice skated at Wollman's Ice skating rink during the winters. At some point, Vernon stopped hanging around with us. He said he'd decided he wanted to become a Fire Fighter. A few years after that I ran into him, and he was wearing a NYCFF uniform. It was great to see someone do exactly what they set out to. I felt proud of him and told him so.

I never ran into him again and was in shock when I saw a picture of him on television and heard what happened. I cried for him, for his family, and for us all. Vernon was a great guy, and I know that he is missed.

I would like to purchase a tee shirt of him, so please let me know how. Also, I would like to see the full clip of him singing on the Apollo show and the time he sang to the little girl Miss Perez on the news show. Can anyone help me obtain these or download and send to my email?

Thank you.

*** Posted by Cassandra on 2008-07-07 ***

I can't believe it's already 2008, and I still miss my brother Vernon. Every now and then I hear one of my favorite songs, and I'm reminded of Vernon. ALWAYS AND FOREVER. 9-11 was a wakeup call for me, as well as everyone else in the US. Last time I talked to Vernon was Aug 01 at a family get-together. He encouraged me that I would get better, as I was dealing with cancer. Its been over 7 years since I've been cancer-free. Pray for me that I can "maintain the miracle." God has healed me as well as that little Perez girl, who had leukemia. In Aug 2001, Vernon sang a song for her, with a bunch of other firemen, at a recording studio in NY. NBC Dateline aired a story about Vernon and Crystal Perez. After 9-11, Dateline reported that she was also healed. Vernon was one of 4 younger brothers (Ronnie, Jimmy, VERNON, Richie) and my youngest sister, Cindy. Vernon was special because of his talent and energetic spirit. I can't leave without expressing my faith in God and love for my family. May God bless you until He returns.

*** Posted by BUDDY CHERRY on 2008-03-09 ***

54 Total Comments

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