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In Tribute to Yudh V.S. Jain
54 years old.   Residence: New City, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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For us from Simcon, "Yudh" will never be forgotten, ... yet often remembered.

*** Posted by Fred W. Czubba on 2009-09-15 ***

Yudh was a wonderful guy to work with and a real riot! I remember one hysterical trip we had to Korea. The client wasn't expecting us, and, to be polite, sent in a group of young engineers who didn't speak any English. Keeping up with the charade, we gave our presentation at super speed. I remember Yudh just couldn't contain himself and sat down and laughed and laughed. Yudh, you were great to work with and an inspiration to all. Your memory will always live on.

Barbara Stancato
A former colleague at Simcon

*** Posted by Barbara Stancato on 2009-09-15 ***

Just dropping by to wish Mr Jain's family and friends well.

Co-worker from ABB Simcon

*** Posted by Tony Ennis on 2009-09-11 ***


I am vising this site often, just to add a flower on your memorial. You haven't been forgotten.


*** Posted by Moshe Kutten on 2009-08-29 ***

I did not know that any Indians had died in the 9-11 tragedy and accidentally ran into this page. Vandna (Cheena) has written a very moving piece on her dad, and why not?! Somehow, if she sends me mail, I would like to connect with her. My ID is windiam (at) vsnl (dot) com.

*** Posted by niaj shukla on 2008-08-02 ***

You were a strong pillar of our family. Now, whenever I want to share my sorrows and joys, I don't find you. You always gave me strength and moral support whenever I needed it. It is a great loss in my life.

*** Posted by Sunita Jain (Babli), sister on 2007-09-10 ***

I know this is a long time after 9/11 - but I was searching ABB Simcon on Google and found this website. I thought I did not know anyone who was in the World Trade Center at that time, but I was wrong. I worked with Yudh during my time at ABB. It was a long time ago - I have spent many years in Georgia since then - but I remember him and he is missed.

*** Posted by Robin Schlinger on 2006-10-29 ***

I posted this on wikipedia and I guess I just figured it belonged here to.

What can I say about my Dad. He could be remembered as a 9/11 victim. Sure. But there's so much more to remember him by. I'm sitting here writing this four and some days after he was taken from us. I can describe him so that people will know who he is one day. I write down memories of his all the time. I never want to forget him. But to characterize. My father was a rock. For me, specifically, he was person that, when I knew he was there, everything felt safe. Life would be okay. He even told me that life would be okay if something happened to him. As time would move on that I would go on. I think he said that to me when I was eleven. It's hard to describe. I was his baby girl and he was my everything. It's hard to express how hard things can become when I person leaves you and also how integral one person could be to your entire existence. Everyone has a couple of people like that, whether it's family members, best friends, mentors, etc. but for me, one of those people was my dad.
I remember after the attacks, I returned to college, still seventeen feeling like I was going on forty-five, and my 2D design professor asked me where I had been. He said something like: 'Where have you been? You haven't been around to make noise in my class; fighting a cold or something?" I just said that my dad had died, in front of the whole class. He asked to see me after class. I remember we talked after class and I just poured myself out. The thing that resonates about that experience is that later on I did a project involving the loss of my father. It was a really horrific image that I had laid out, including a picture of my father holding me as a baby and my sister as a toddler hanging on to him. During my critique, my professor spoke about my work and mentioned the afternoon that I had sat and spoke with him so soon after the attack. He began to cry as he spoke about his talk with me and he said that when he thought about what I had said to him that afternoon, one thing was clear. He said 'I talked to her about her father for a while and it was so clear. Just from her words, the way she spoke about him, you could hear from her voice just how much he loved her.' That affection that my professor spoke of was not just for me, but for everyone he held dear.

To begin to comprehend who Yudh Jain was, there needs to be a comprehension of his pure and complete heart. So complete was his heart that it made mine feel whole. His love was his base. It was as though it radiated knowledge, experience, wisdom, compassion and of course all of his love. All of the love a father could give his daughters. All of the love a husband could give his wife. Pure compassion for the world. I could ask him any question and of course get a really long detailed response. If I cried, he couldn't stand to see it and he do anything to make me feel happy again. And he was my friend. I can't tell you all of the things we would say or do. There were many things.

So now you understand. My father was my rock. Sometimes I wonder if I should run into the street and shout that I'm falling. But then the sun shines or there's a warm spring rain to run around or dance around in. I just tell myself that it's his way of taking away my tears and making me happy again. He always had a knack for that

*** Posted by Vandna, the daughter of Yudh V. S. Jain on 2006-06-09 ***

Hi Dad,

So I'm going to be 22 soon. I hated when you missed my birthdays, even when I was 16 I didn't want you to go on your business trip. You'll have missed 5 birthdays now. I miss you a lot. I'm dealing with so many things right now. I just don't know what's in store for me or where I want my life to go. I just miss you a lot. My birthday is coming up and it just doesn't seem to be anything I want to celebrate you know. Just yesterday someone at work was talking about Scientology and how weird it is. And we looked up what an "E-meter" was and I don't know I realized I really missed testing batteries with you. People normally don't test batteries to see if they'll still work. But you did and it was something different that; I don't think anyone I'll ever meet would think to do. I thought of that and I realized how long it was since I had even tested a AA battery with you. It's such a simple, almost pointless activity and most people wouldn't even bother storing that little voltage tester of yours. But I wanted to go home and just use it. I mean am I insane? I used to do everything with you, even test batteries and now I can't even do that. I don't know. I just don't feel right and I feel unsure about everything. I wish I could tell you so many things.

Anyways, I better get back to work, but I felt somehow someway that I needed to like talk to you. And I can't do that anymore and I wish I could fix that but I can't. I don't know. Anyways, I'm not really sure how to end this, but I love you and I miss you and I wish every day that you were here.

Love, Cheena

*** Posted by Vandna Jain, Daughter on 2006-06-09 ***

I had privilege to know Yudh Jain and his family since 1973. He has been a dear friend and mentor for me and my family.

I know he is watching out for his family and friends.

Our prayers are with his family on this solemn day.

Mukesh Desai (Germantown, MD )
September 11, 2003

*** Posted by Mukesh Desai, Close Friend on 2006-06-09 ***


I still believe you will come back one day.


*** Posted by SATINDER JAIN, BROTHER on 2006-06-09 ***

Hey there Dad,

Can you believe it? I'm in my third year of college and I am loving every minute of it. This past Thursday, almost a week ago, I should have been sad. I was "supposed' to be sad. I was a little sad at times and in the morning, I wore gray as a sign of morning. When I was ready to leave for work, I decided to change into a bright, nice soft shirt. I decided that I should not mourn you anymore. I should celebrate you. As much as I miss you my dear old dad, a life lived in sorrow is no life and I know you'd never want that for me. I'm here and I'm happy. I spoke that Thursday for you, about my feelings and I took a big step forward. I'm healing. I'm not sad...I miss you, but I'm not sad. There is no greater gift to give to you than to live for you. So thanks for giving me my life. I love you and I hope you are happy wherever you may be.



*** Posted by Vandna Jain, Daughter on 2006-06-09 ***

On September 13, 2002 afternoon my wife Susan and I flew a flag "Yudh jain" from our Boat "Carpathia" as a part of sail America event in New York Harbor. I went about the familiar tasks of lashing togather a string of flag so it would fly properly. But rather tangible tribute to Yudh who we lost on sept 11, 2001. suddenly , I found myself stopped by the realization that I was not holding simple piece of cloth and bits of string .

I had requested his flag to send to directly to Jain family. Several years ago, I had the privilege of working with Yudh at International paper's Research lab in Tuxedo, NY. He patiently taught me about his work and computers and taught me about all the system. Subsequently, we traveled to India in order to better understand the homeland of Yudh, and many other colleagues.
I felt especially honored to have been given that flag to fly on our boat.

*** Posted by Curtis koster, Colleagues from International paper on 2006-06-07 ***

I received a wristband at school with Yudh's name on it. I wore that with pride. I really respect his courage and strength on September 11, 2001. I am holding his family in my prayers.

Katie Lattanzi (14) (Houston, TX )
September 11, 2002

*** Posted by Katie Lattanzi, Student on 2006-06-07 ***

Rest in peace and may God bless you and the ones that you left behind on 9/11/01.
Kailash Jain

Kailash Jain (Roselle Park, NJ )
September 11, 2002

*** Posted by Kailash Jain, Friend on 2006-06-07 ***

I would like to express my condolences to the Jain family. Today, I proudly wore a wristband with Yudh V. Jain inscribed on it. Shine Yudh wherever you are. God bless his family and friends. May Yudh be forever remembered for his kindness, love for his family, and his great heroism that he has displayed.

Marina Peri (Chicago, IL )
September 11, 2002

*** Posted by Marina Peri, Friend on 2006-06-07 ***

I worked with Yudh from 1998-2000. Yudh was a good man and the APC/Optimization engineers in Bloomfield. Romans 8:28 says: "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." I prayed for you (Sneh) tonight on this 1 year anniversary of Yudh's death. The sinful people who committed this terrible crime meant it for evil, but God allowed it so that good could ultimately come from it. I hope in time you find the good.

William Beach (Houston, TX )
September 11, 2002

*** Posted by William, Coworker on 2006-06-07 ***

Dear Yudh-A man of honour.
I rode on your behalf in the 9/11 W Steven Martin patriot parade in Phoenix.

Jim Perry (Phoenix, AZ )
September 13, 2002

*** Posted by Jim Perry, Friend on 2006-06-07 ***


*** Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-07 ***

May God Bless you and watch over the family and friends that you left behind on 9/11/01. Rest in his loving peace forever more.

*** Posted by Angela Campbell, Friend on 2006-06-07 ***

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